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Career development at Ortec: mobility and training

Because it is present in 22 countries and operates in numerous fields across every sector of industry, Ortec naturally offers many opportunities for professional development and mobility. Our training policy, which is geared towards skills development, is very important to the group.


Mobilité chez Ortec

Ortec is involved in over 50 specific areas of engineering, construction and industrial services. It also encompasses a very broad array of industrial activities, interconnected expertise and projects across the world, all of which offer opportunities for mobility and professional development.

We support all career plans individually, from the search phase to implementation. Ortec also offers relocation assistance where required.


Formation Elée

Ortec has expertise in many technical professions in the industrial sector. To the extent that its training school, ÉLÉE, develops specific technical training that cannot be found anywhere else in the market, and that is available to Ortec’s employees and customers alike.

Created in 2002, this in-house training centre is responsible for the dissemination of knowledge within the group. ELEE offers over 40 training courses in areas ranging from the pumping of hazardous substances to preparatory works, assembly and lifting, metallurgy, industrial mechanics, very high-pressure cleaning and sanitation. It also provides refresher training in management and labour legislation. The course catalogue covers all of the group’s operational requirements.


Centre Technique de Formation Ortec

Throughout their career, every Ortec employee benefits from training tailored to their specific profile, areas of expertise, personal aspirations and goals. All training courses are part of the group’s O’Métier skills development plan.

In addition to these training courses, Ortec has set up a practical training centre enabling students to undertake exercises in real-world scenarios, partnerships with external institutions such as IAE graduate schools of management, and funding to attend world-class schools like the Institut de Soudure (welding institute) to prepare for specific qualifications.


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