O’Métiers: Ortec Group's internal training school

O’Métiers is evolving and expanding its course catalog to include all of the Group’s different professions. In this way, Ortec’s training school is responding to the needs of its employees by capitalizing on the know-how and skills built up within the company over several decades of experience in the industry.

Since its creation in 1992, the O’Métiers internal school has developed and delivered training courses tailored to the needs of our employees and our business lines.

In 2023, Ortec has reaffirmed the Group’s commitment to sustainable and responsible development based on excellence in all its trades, by expanding the deployment of the  O’Métiers school to all the professions and employees within the Group, both in France and abroad.

This customized training offer is designed to respond to ongoing changes in the economic world, in the professions, and in the expectations of manufacturers and employees. The objective is to capitalize on the know-how acquired on major projects.

A school dedicated to project performance and success

O’Métiers is attuned to the training needs expressed by Ortec employees and recruits who wish to upgrade their skills throughout their careers in order to maintain a high level of performance.

This means that clients benefit from cutting-edge expertise in a wide range of areas: skills, safety, productivity, quality and more.

Our ambitious approach is also open to our clients’ own employees, through a wide range of training programs tailored to the specific needs of their business.

The O’Métiers school aims to:

  • Meet the challenges and objectives of our clients by guaranteeing a high level of quality, safety and efficiency (productivity) in our services
  • Meet the needs and expectations of our employees, enabling them to evolve and grow over their entire career with Ortec.
  • Anticipate technological and sectoral developments
  • Share and cultivate the Ortec culture

The advantages of O’Métiers

O’Métiers has a number of assets that enable it to offer optimal conditions for the implementation of training programs: expert trainers with real-world experience, dedicated facilities (training rooms, workshops, technical centers, etc.), a proven methodology, and a wide range of teaching aids (distance learning, face-to-face, e-learning, etc.).

Our approach involves 5 steps:  

  1. Profession definition
  2. Job reference framework
  3. Assesment
  4. Training
  5. Skills monitoring

The skills assesment phase allows us to respond to needs with appropriate training. It leads to recommendations for the most suitable modules.

Key figures


Training centers in France and abroad, with full-scale teaching facilities reflecting the real-life conditions encountered in the field, adapted to training needs, and located close to the Group’s or our clients’ operations: Aix-en-Provence, Lançon-Provence, Pierrelatte, Durtal, Lévis and Sarnia (Canada), Bangalore (India), Port-Gentil (Gabon).

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Face-to-face training modules

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Remote training modules


Internal trainers, experts in their fields

Our training programs cover all the Group’s day-to-day activities in France and abroad, in a wide range of sectors (Industry, Environment, Nuclear, Aeronautics, Energy, etc.): works and engineering, agencies and support services.

They are aimed at all categories of employees (workers, supervisors, managers) at every stage of their career, from the moment they join the company through initial training sessions, to further advanced training and professional development.

Business culture, field culture

Employee training has always been a fundamental part of Ortec’s business model, and is a cornerstone of the company’s “Made in Ortec” skills development policy. It guarantees the quality and safety of our services, while responding to the challenges of the sector and technological developments.

It is an effective lever for attracting and retaining new employees and developing professional skills.

This strategy is part of a wider context in which the economic world is undergoing a series of major changes (reindustrialization, relaunch of nuclear programs, development of renewable energies, decarbonization, etc.).

The Ortec Group bases its training offer on the realities in the field, as well as in-depth understanding of its business lines and feedback from past experience. Hence its decision to create a team of internal training specialists.

Who is better than an Ortec expert to train an Ortec employee, and above all to pass on their know-how? The team of internal training staff consists of around forty people, including ten on a permanent basis. Each instructor is given training in teaching the module concerned.


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