Reinforced protection of our teams and continuity of services

Solidarity is a reality in the daily actions of the Ortec Group!

Reinforced protection of our teams and continuity of services

An unprecedented situation that has disrupted our way of life.

The fight for health and safety requires a continuous effort. The effort required is greater than ever due to the absolute necessity of protecting our teams against the pandemic.

In this exceptional context, just like our clients, we aspire to preserve the health and safety of our employees whilst they are working or performing onsite services.

Health and safety is our number one priority.

In addition to basic protective measures, our teams have changed how they operate in order to reconcile health and safety requirements with service continuity.

Systematic checks have been implemented in order to ensure that every action undertaken respects all protective measures throughout the working day:

  • Evaluating the overall health of our employees before they start working,
  • Implementing staggered working hours to avoid/limit contact in the changing rooms and on work sites,
  • Providing appropriate equipment,
  • Increasing the frequency of ventilation and disinfection of offices and other work spaces,
  • Allowing employees to work from home when the activity and the technical means allow for it.

New measures are regularly adopted by the authorities according to the evolution of the situation. We are continuously analysing and adapting these measures. We validate safe working methods beforehand (VigiCovid-19), we check all these measures and meticulously verify that they are implemented. With each of our clients, we examine the required modifications, both to the new operating conditions and the scheduling of work, in order to jointly define the most appropriate way to proceed.

Continuity of service

Our activities continue and our teams remain available to support you, meet your expectations and respond to your emergencies.

We are here to help with any intervention feasibility study, enabling us to ensure the continuity of your operations.

National solidarity

Ortec is proud of the extraordinary levels of engagement demonstrated by the Group’s employees in order to support our clients that notably work in the fields of health, energy and transport.

We support and relay the initiatives of the Group’s employees and the local initiatives of our agencies, such as donations of protective equipment for healthcare personnel.

Ortec, so much more than a company!

More than 200 agencies that are able to support your projects

For any questions about the measures taken by the Ortec Group with regard to Covid-19, please contact us.