An expert position for electrical installation work

A recognised expert in the field of electrical installation work, the Ortec Group works on the most complex infrastructures.

Our Expertises

Electrical installation assignments
With complete understanding of all tasks involving electricity, the Ortec Group studies, designs, constructs, manufactures and installs all industrial electrical installations and automation systems. From very low to very high voltage, it offers complete turnkey solutions, tailored to be appropriate to each site and each problem. Each intervention on site is carried out to comply with security, safety and radiation protection requirements for people, equipment and the environment.
Electrical installation expertise and services
  • Sizing, layout and selectivity studies
  • Design studies
  • Network analysis
  • Routing studies, cable schedule
  • Drawings
  • Configuration of protection relays
  • Upgrading electrical installation
  • Supply of connection equipment, connections
  • Installation of equipment
  • Installation, assembly, connection
  • Design of concrete shelters or substations
  • Fabrication of custom AGS tubes
  • Installation of ATSER cables and crimping of assemblies
  • Workshop fabrication of LV distribution boards, racks, instrumentation & control cabinets
  • Cabling
  • Tests
  • Insulation
  • Dielectrics
  • Dielectric loss tangent
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Fields of activity
  • Studies
  • HV-A and HV-B
  • Low Voltage and Very Low Voltage
  • Manufacturing
  • Dedicated design offices
  • Manufacturing and assembly workshops
  • Maintenance workshops
  • State-of-the-art equipment: high-voltage test equipment, thermal camera, machine tools for crimping and cutting busbars, cable pullers with data recording, etc.


Within the Ortec Group, quality is founded on training. Ower, our subsidiary specialising in industrial and nuclear electricity, therefore has a training yard in its workshops to train its staff. This resource makes it possible to assess training needs and provide any necessary re-training, but also to work on behaviours and best practices, to ensure the safety of teams and security of facilities.

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Installation of equipment in the Barracuda nuclear submarine reception area
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