Expertise and digital technology for strength calculations

An essential expert in sizing and verifying equipment and facilities, the Ortec Group carries out all strength calculations and numerical modelling, meeting rules and within constraints.

Our Expertises

From initial design to construction, to size or verify equipment and facilities, the specialists in calculations and numerical modelling help to complete each project, whatever the industrial problem. Driving reliable results, the teams rely on cutting-edge tools and almost 40 years of experience. All project stages are implemented in compliance with regulatory requirements and constraints: schedules, customer specifications, ISO 9001 quality assurance, specific accreditations.
Expertise and services
  • Sizing studies
  • Design verification
  • Specialised calculations
Fields of activity
  • Mechanical calculation: welded and metal structures, tools, packaging, heat exchangers, valves and rotating machinery
  • Installation calculation: piping and ventilation systems, supporting structures, anchoring systems
  • Civil engineering calculation: metal frame structures, buildings, concrete structures
  • Dynamic calculation
  • Structural calculation
  • Fatigue calculation, seismic resistance, modal and temporal analysis
  • Shock and fall calculation, fast dynamic, impact
  • Hydraulic, thermal, thermo-fluid and thermo-hydraulic calculation
  • Design and modelling of fluid and aeraulic circuits
  • Building heat engineering
  • Explosion, fire resistance
  • Strength calculation
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Calculation reference on PWR files, SOM Calcul participates in French, Finnish, Chinese and British projects. Nearly thirty employees are involved in these 3rd generation nuclear power plant projects and work jointly with other Group branch offices, in the fields of multiple engineering, hydraulic operation or scheduling. Our customer EDF deals with a single contact person: with greater fluidity in discussions as a bonus.

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Radioactive waste transport packaging drop study
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Calculations of hammer effect due to rupture of oil pipelines
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