Multi-technical engineering, diversity and complementarity

The Ortec Group offers a wide range of expertises in technical design and engineering, to respond to various and complex needs.

Our Expertises

Design engineering provides a varied foundation of complementary skills to meet a broad range of traditional technical engineering needs. To facilitate discussions and to be more responsive and available, the Ortec Group has chosen local offices: located as close as possible to our customers, they bring together all the trades involved in a given project in one place.
Expertise and services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Preliminary project studies
  • Sizing
  • Test procedures
  • Technical specifications
  • Assistance to the contracting engineer (AMO): bid eligibility, design tracking and control, support for the construction phase
  • Management and coordination of multi-technical contracts
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Fields of activity
  • Mechanical engineering, structures, metalworking
  • High and low voltage systems
  • Automation, instrumentation
  • HVAC, fluids, hydraulics
  • Method (manufacturing, welding, etc.)
  • Chemistry, radiochemistry
  • Dismantling
  • Operation
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At the Villeurbanne design office, we have developed a design engineering capability for our nuclear customers. We can mobilise a multi-trade team (mechanical, electricity, ventilation, civil engineering) at any time to work closely with the design specialists and in synergy with the Group’s other departments to meet all their needs.

Our Markets

Oil & Gas


Our Clients

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