Product innovation at the heart of performance

At a time when, more than ever, innovation and control of the product lifecycle are guarantees of performance, the Ortec Group mobilises all its resources to support the design of new equipment.

Our Expertises

Backed by its experience with major customers, the Ortec Group optimises all phases of product development processes: design, modelling, simulation and industrialisation. Designs, sales, purchasing, manufacturing, calculation, marketing: all aspects are considered and combined within a thorough process, to ensure complete control of each project, by adapting to each customer’s challenges and operating methods.
Expertises and services
  • Search for solutions
  • Specification
  • Architecture
  • Supplier search and tendering
  • Analysis of technical solutions
  • Preliminary studies
  • Simulation
  • Mock-up
  • Tests
  • Manufacturing start-up
  • Follow-up
  • Product delivery
  • Validation
  • Certification
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Fields of activity
  • Mechanical equipment design
  • Design
  • Structure
  • 3D mock-up
  • Calculations

Our references

Equipement design
Design of a glove box to handle nuclear materials safely
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