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To ensure the smooth running of the various operations that may require joint activity (several thousand people during a shutdown), work site preparation is a decisive phase. This phase makes it possible to define and optimize all the operations required to restore installations to working condition.

Our expertises


For the preparation and supervision of your work sites, the Ortec Group offers comprehensive services (assistance, methods, coordination and monitoring) in mixed teams (Ortec + Customer team) with an in situ and connected organization.

From the definition of the work required and the management of intervention requests, to on-site readings and technical files, our experts identify the constraints – both environmental and organizational – and coordinate the preparation of the project with the operator’s internal departments.

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Expertise and services
  • Definition of needs and drafting of the statement of works
  • Preparation and logistics of replacement parts (bill of materials, supplier consultations, order management and procurement)
  • Choice of participants from all trades (audits, HR analysis, checks on equipment and workshop capacity)
  • Management and adherence to the jointly established work site and workshop schedule
  • Approval of operating tests
  • Documented monitoring with the drafting of full reports on works.
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Fields of intervention

Professional skills all trades

  • Preparation of works/Preparation of unit shutdowns
  • Logistics, methods (planning, reporting, document management)
  • Coordination and supervision of works
  • Assistance at works reception
  • Assistance of the future operator
  • Management and adherence to schedules
  • Approval of operational tests
  • Documented monitoring
  • Drafting of reports
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Decentralized preparation of works

The Ortec Group has developed and implemented an organization, as well as appropriate operating procedures, that allow maintenance or shutdown work to be prepared in mixed teams (Ortec + customer team + third parties) with an in-situ organization connected to the Ortec teams at the branch.

This “decentralized” organization enables us to comply with quality and customer requirements and to:

  • Reduce the number of in-person interactions (meetings, office space, on-site presence, etc.)
  • Guarantee compliance with COVID-19 social distancing and other preventive measures
  • Maintain the level of security of exchanges and knowledge databases
    Guarantee progress via activity monitoring

Each participant is in possession of the necessary elements allowing them to effectively and safely fulfill the preparatory phase within the required deadlines.

Our references

Bipaga shutdown (Cameroon)

Ortec accomplished the major technological challenge, presented by the integral shutdown of Bipaga, in less than 12 months. A synchronized organization and constant communication with the customer made it possible to limit as much as possible the production stoppages at the site, permanently in operation, with outstanding safety results.

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