Maîtrise des risques de contamination

Controlling contamination risks

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ortec Group provides manufacturers with a global solution for the identification, prevention and control of contamination risks.

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Our Expertises


As a specialist in industrial risk management, the Ortec Group combines its technical expertise with its knowledge of the various industrial sectors to offer innovative tools and processes that provide its customers with effective technical and/or organizational solutions tailored to the challenges arising during this crisis.

Mindful of the health and safety of its teams, as well as that of its customers, the Ortec Group integrates all of the specialist skills for an efficient approach to risk prevention and control.

The Group’s engineering division relies on teams of experienced employees capable of understanding all internal and external factors. The aim is to help our customers implement the conditions necessary for business recovery or continuity.

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Expertises and services

Experts from the risk control unit provide support and advice for manufacturers, SMEs and local authorities with respect to the recovery protocols to implement in order to ensure employee safety and keep business going.

Human factors | Operations and productivity | Environment

  • Contamination risk control’ audits
  • Recommendations :
  • Contamination risk control
    o Mapping of zones at risk
    o Procedure management and compliance
    o Crisis prevention (discovery of symptomatic cases)
  • Support with implementing measures
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  • Controlled methodologies, based on proven resources, implemented both by the Ortec Group’s teams and at our customers’ facilities;
  • Extensive field knowledge of industrial sectors;
  • Interactivity bridges providing feedback and benchmarked best practices
  • HSE solutions based on the Group’s expertise in project engineering, maintenance engineering and logistics
  • Digital management solutions for better anticipation and a faster response

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