Sûreté de fonctionnement

Operational dependability ensures the systems’ level of integrity

SOM Ligeron is an expert in risk management and is developing a global service offering intended to evaluate the quality of software and process development related to on-board systems.

Our Expertises

Many fields (rail, automotive, aeronautic, industry) have adopted the standard use of on-board systems (such as fail-safe controllers, electronic calculators) and the implementation of safety loops supporting software. This software’s quality of development is therefore key to ensuring the level of integrity of control-command systems’ security. In this context, the software’s operational dependability assesses whether the various software, development processes and their environment of use comply with the operational safety requirements and standards in the field, and contribute to the safety of the system. Operational dependability studies make it possible to allocate, where necessary, a level of safety and to modulate the requirements of the development process assigned to programmable electronic components (applications, OS, data, transmissions, tested or reused components’ libraries, etc.).
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Expertises et prestations
  • Analysis of needs and feasibility
    • Operational analysis
    • Risks analysis
    • MBSE modeling of operational safety sequences
  • Specifications
    • Prescription of safety
    • Specification of safety modules
    • Dysfunctional modeling/MBSA
  • Architectural design – Detailed design
    • Analysis of independence
    • Analysis of architectural robustness
    • Analysis of equipment/software interactions
  • Coding
    • Critical review of the code
  • Unit testing – Integration test – Test for approval
    • Safety functions approval plan
    • Risks analysis
  • Receipt
    • Safety file
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Fields of intervention
  • Reliability and availability studies
  • Operational safety-dependability and security studies
  • Software security-quality study
  • Regulatory compliance

Our markets