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With the Global Services division, the Ortec Group provides industries and local authorities with qualified resources for delegated management of their facilities, maintenance, waste treatment, etc. Ortec relies on the experience, service focus and the innovative spirit of its field teams to provide tailored services meeting each customer’s safety, operational and environmental constraints. This vast and innovative range of services evolves constantly to provide answers to new industrial and environmental challenges.

Our expertises
Global services

Environnemental services

The experience of a specialized group, bearing innovative solutions for sanitation, waste management, pollution treatment and industrial rehabilitation… to help our clients to realize their environmental goals.

Decontamination & redevelopment

20+ years of experience for an integrated management of the most challenging projects, in France and Worldwide

Industry services

An proven handling of exploitation operations, maintenance, cleaning and facilities management… in the respect of operational safety and efficiency, and maintenability of the industrial tool.

Tertiary services

Accompanying tertiary professionals for the equipment and maintenance of their installations: office buildings, dwellings, salespoints

Industrial & oil logistics

A complete understanding of oil logistics is crucial to making difference in the industry.

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