Design & Engineering in depollution works

This engineering branch represents the set of tools at our disposal for the design, sizing and safety of decontamination operations, to stay abreast of evolutions in methods and the growing complexity of pollution issues.

Broad expertise born of our experience in the field

At our in-house laboratory, our team of experts has developed a range of tests to assess the feasibility of the rehabilitation solutions envisaged during the study phase.

These tests, initiated at the stage of the Design of Works Plan, make it possible to better understand the residual uncertainties and to confirm the choices and approaches adopted, which will determine the works management plan.

Depending on the context, laboratory tests can be combined with field tests to ensure the reliability of the data needed for the design and to ensure the suitability of the technique with specific local conditions.

All our tests are carried out in the light of our experience as a building works company and represent, as closely as possible, the conditions in the field.


Customized technical support





The R&D approach employed by our teams contributes to the development of our services offer.

Ortec-Soleo, recognized as a CRI (Research Tax Credit) approved research body, participates in research programs in association with universities and laboratories.

Our technical developments also rely on our in-house work of designing or testing new decontamination technologies and optimize the methods and equipment of more mature processes to make them more efficient.

We support our customers (manufacturers, design offices, local authorities, etc.) with their projects, from the most traditional to the most innovative.

Our services

Laboratory tests (orientation trials)

B111 certified services for the Design of Works Plan


  • Soil Oxidant Demand (SOD)
  • Oxidation and chemical reduction
  • Chemical stabilization


  • Aerobic biodegradation (biopile, bioventing, etc.)
  • Anaerobic biodegradation
  • Respirometry
  • Biomolecular monitoring


  • Thermal desorption
  • Capacity and thermal conductivity measurements
  • Granulometric separation
  • Volatilization, bubbling

Pilot field tests (performance evaluation tests)

B112 certified services of the Design of Works Plan


  • Oxidation, chemical reduction (direct push, sleeve tubes, soil mixing, etc.)
  • Stabilization


  • Aerobic biostimulation (groundwater treatment, ventilated biopile, etc.)
  • Anaerobic biodegradation (soil and groundwater)
  • Washing/biowashing
  • Bioventing, biosparging
  • Land farming


  • Pumping, injection (tiered testing, over time)
  • Venting/sparging (tiered testing, over time)
  • Multiphasic extraction
  • Bail-down test (skimming)
  • In situ thermal desorption, heated piles
  • Conventional vacuum screening

Development of specific protocols

(organization eligible for Research Tax Credit in the framework of R&D projects)

Technical expertise, sizing assistance, budgets

Our Markets


Chemicals & pharmaceuticals

Food processing industry

Aerospace industry


Government & local authorities

Oil & Gas

Construction & real estate

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