Global solutions to meet the challenge of corporate waste management

From one end of the chain to the other, the Ortec Group offers ad hoc solutions to meet the environmental and regulatory challenges posed by waste management, with the aim of reducing waste at source and optimising recycling.

Our Expertises

Corporate waste management assignments
The Ortec Group advises and supports businesses and local authorities to manage waste produced at all stages of their activities, from the most mundane to the most dangerous, irrespective of quantity. On a one-off basis, in a multi-service contract or 100% delegated on site, the services are tailored to each need. With its waste treatment and recycling centres throughout France, rigorous monitoring and implementation of innovative and efficient technologies, Ortec provides competitive local solutions complying with environmental regulations.
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Waste management and recycling expertise and services

Evaluation and advice

  • Site survey, sampling
  • Sizing and installation of in situ waste treatment facilities, solutions for reduction at source
  • Analysis, optimisation of recycling channels



  • Collection and transport in all waste sectors: household, hazardous and non-hazardous industrial, water-base liquids and pastes, solids, packaged
  • Provision and management of containers, implementation of waste sorting
  • Skip and compactor leasing
  • Maintenance and servicing of customer equipment


Delegated management

  • On-site presence for direct management of all internal flows and waste collection centres
  • Multi-year contracts, single or multiple sites
  • ‘Clean plant’ contracts including waste management and industrial cleaning
  • Real-time monitoring, analysis and management
  • On-site communication and training of employees in environmental issues
  • Performance monitoring and continuous improvement
  • Regulatory and technical intelligence, support for certifications


Pre-treatment and treatment

  • Weighing
  • Unloading
  • Waste storage, transport and consolidation
  • Recycling or disposal through approved channels
  • Material recycling
  • Biological recycling


Traceability, administrative and financial management

  • Issuing and managing waste tracking forms
  • Prior acceptance certificate
  • Collection declaration
  • Declaration of waste treatment
  • Subsidy administration
  • Compliance checks of the reception, processing and output registers to meet DREAL requirements
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Fields of activity
  • Collection and transport
  • Delegated management
  • Waste consolidation and pre-treatment
  • Waste treatment and recycling


EOLBOX®, greater safety for wind turbine waste

To address the specific issue of managing Dangerous Industrial Waste (DIW) on wind turbine sites, we have designed EOLBOX®, a patented turnkey solution. Specially designed to simplify operators’ lives, EOLBOX® is a 30 m secure mobile container designed to handle all waste generated from installing and maintaining facilities.

Specialised recycling centres: the right netork

In Vendée with Antipol and its waste processing capacity of 45,000 tonnes per year, in Bouches-du-Rhône with Valortec, the European specialist in recycling hydrocarbon residues, and in Hauts de France with TRD, an expert in chemical waste treatment: we have 11 treatment centres in France, located as close as possible to customers’ needs. In the Congo, our subsidiary SLE offers the many oil companies in the region a solution for treating their waste, including drilling back loads.

Our references

Foxtrot International : Delegated management

Management of drilling spoil on the CI-27 field of natural gas producer foxtrot international Ivory Coast
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Safran : GDelegated management

Delegated waste management on 18 Safran Group industrial sites
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