Delegated waste management

Ortec can be present on your sites to directly manage all your waste flows and internal waste disposal facilities, and to optimize recycling. This means you can focus on your core business.

Our offers

Clean plant contracts
Waste management, industrial sanitation, industrial cleaning: Ortec combines all its skills in a global offer. This means you optimize your service costs.
Waste collection and transport
  • Pumping of liquid waste
  • Collection and transport of solid and liquid waste
  • Rental of skips and compactors
  • Transport of waste to approved centers, with provision of a waste tracking form
  • Removal of bulky waste
Waste treatment and recovery
Ortec reprocesses and recycles your industrial, hazardous or ordinary waste within its own waste treatment centers.
Treatment of hazardous waste
  • Identification and prior chemical analysis
  • Storage, transit, consolidation and treatment
  • Preparation workshop
  • Evapo-incineration
  • Traceability

Ortec quality for your delegated waste management needs

  • Services are performed in strict compliance with regulations
  • Special methods for each type of structure
  • Staff specifically assigned to this activity
  • Ongoing consideration of safety constraints (employees trained in the risks associated with high-pressure equipment, etc.)
  • A wide range of equipment to treat all types of structures


Job openings : Delegated waste management

Opérateur Nettoyage industriel

  • CDI
  • Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

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Opérateur Nettoyage Industriel - H/F

  • CDI
  • Cordemais, Pays de la Loire

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Chauffeur Opérateur PL Nettoyage Industriel

  • CDI
  • Vielle-Saint-Girons, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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