Disinfection of industrial sites

In the context of the Covid-19 health crisis, the Ortec Group is mobilised to fulfil your industrial site disinfection requirements.
We care about the health and safety of our teams and those of our clients: we use all the specialised disinfection devices while strictly following all health and environmental rules.

Our Expertises


As a specialist in the fields of disinfection, hygiene and industrial cleaning for over 30 years, the Ortec Group supports industrial groups in guaranteeing the long-term use of their buildings, infrastructure and production units.

  • Disinfection by HP jet spray

Treatment of surfaces using a virucide solution disseminated by High-Pressure equipment (Vacuum tanker + HP nozzle)

This disinfection solution is recommended for the treatment of large surfaces (e.g. floors, streets, security posts, warehouses, conveyor belts, etc.)

  • Disinfection by fogging

Treatment of surfaces that are potentially contaminated by the Covid-19 virus by the fogging of an EN 14476 virucide solution from a stationary or mobile unit.

Fogging involves the diffusion of a vapour mist in order to disperse micro-droplets of a virucide solution onto all surfaces that it comes into contact with. This method can be used to disinfect walls, floors, glass surfaces, ramps, and light switches.

  • Disinfection by spraying

The treatment is carried out by the spraying of a virucide solution.

This intervention may be used for surfaces, floors and contact points that may be contaminated with the Covid-19 virus.

  • Disinfection using a cloth

Treatment of surfaces using a cloth and a virucide solution.

This treatment solution applies to small surfaces and electric and/electronic equipment (operating panels, keyboards, shared tools, desks, ramps, light switches, etc.)

  • Waste management

All the solid waste generated by the disinfection activities (e.g. cloths, masks, gloves, etc.) are disposed of according to applicable regulations and protocols, in order to eliminate any risk of contamination.

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Disinfection of production units:

  • Production chains
  • Warehouses
  • Various equipment


Disinfection of premises:

  • Floors/walls
  • Door handles
  • Glass surfaces
  • Light switches
  • Desks, tables, operating panels


Disinfection of outside areas:

  • Streets/pavements
  • Urban spaces and furniture
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Disinfection reminder

Disinfection operations are conducted occasionally in order to drastically and rapidly decrease the microbial load by destroying micro-organisms and inactivating viruses that may be present when the operation takes place.

Warning: the objective of these is operations is not to permanently eliminate any risk of infection by the COVID-19 virus, but to reduce said risk.

Disinfection destroys harmful pathogens that may be present on the treated surface, but it has no preventative effect.

A treated surface may be re-contaminated after the treatment if hygiene measures are not followed.

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Safety and appropriate operating procedures

Our operators hold the Biocide certificate in accordance with the provisions of the French order dated 9 October 2013, pertaining to “the conditions in which professional users may carry out their activity”.

We perform a specific risk analysis and use context appropriate operating procedures.

A special COVID-19 training course is provided to all our technicians and they receive a specific briefing prior to each intervention. Furthermore, we have implemented a “VigiCovid” verification solution in order to ensure safe working conditions and the traceability of disinfection missions.

Our assets:

  • Experience and relevant qualifications
  • Environmentally friendly biocides
  • A large inventory of equipment, that complies with standards and is kept in good working order
  • Specific on-call duty system
  • Context appropriate operating procedures
  • An environmentally friendly waste management system
  • Training courses and accreditation for all relevant employees, in compliance with requirements, in order to work safely and securely.
  • A multi-skilled, responsive company which runs operations smoothly.


  • Security boots or security shoes with shoe covers
  • Overalls
  • Waterproof overalls with a hood
  • Latex gloves
  • Protective mask with ABEK-P2 filter
  • Waterproof chemical resistant gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Helmet

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