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A partner to industry for 30 years, the Ortec Group designs tailor-made solutions and involves all its divisions to carry out major plant shutdowns successfully.

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Industrial plant shutdown assignments

Technical shutdowns, these planned interruptions to production plants are essential for checking the condition of equipment and for carrying out maintenance, modernisation, extension or cleaning work. These major operations are a regulatory requirement for industry and one of Ortec’s specialities.
With full understanding of the aspects of these operations, the Group combines thorough advance preparation with its Engineering teams, synergy between the different divisions and operating efficiency to ensure production is maintained and facilities restarted rapidly and reliably, with the aim of optimising production resources.


The Ortec advantage :

  • A single contact person for the customer during supervision and completion of the work
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Expertises and services
  • Expertise and services
  • Work planning
  • Platinising/Deplatinising
  • Degassing and inerting of circuits or plants
  • Equipment removal and refitting (columns, cabling, piping, pumps, etc.)
  • High pressure, VHP and UHP cleaning, mechanical cleaning (hydrogram, cryogenics) and chemical cleaning (degassing, degreasing, stripping, descaling, deoxidation, decontamination, passivation, product grading, advanced industrial drying)
  • Removal and handling (opening equipment, mechanised extraction of cabling, transport and handling on site and off site or on our mobile washing areas)
  • Piping and metalwork repair
  • Preparation for technical inspections and testing
  • Start-up assistance
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Fields of activity
  • Shutdown coordination
  • Project management
  • Shutdown management
  • QHSE coordination
  • Work planning
  • Work supervision
  • Assembly, lifting, cleaning and metallurgy work
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Resource in plant shutdowns
  • Workshop trailers
  • ATEX tools
  • Cranes, mobile crane and platform
  • Very high pressure units, combined VHP hydrocleansers
  • Lifting and CAREX cable extractors
  • Site huts
  • Site vehicles
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Spotlight on major projects and commitments

Discover the Wide Angle article dedicated to unit and maintenance shutdowns, their challenges and the solutions implemented by Ortec.


Synergy, Ortec’s strength

Taking advantage of synergies and combining different skills on complex work sites is one of our Group’s great strengths. Some can involve several hundred employees. So it was that eight branch offices contributed on the ground to the in the three-yearly shutdown of the Solvay Group’s Hexamethylene diamine (HMD) plant at Chalampé (Haut Rhin) for two weeks of major works. Mission accomplished!

The berre petrochemical unit, maximum mobilisation

250 Ortec Group employees per day for five weeks – that’s how many of our employees were mobilised for the major shutdown of the plant on the Berre petrochemical unit in 2016. On their agenda: replacing a fully equipped column, ‘Oxygen’ configuration work on a butane tank, removing the front plate of a 2.5 m diameter fixed heat exchanger, verification of 210 static equipment items, 500 taps & valves and 270 fire points, and carrying out 170 tests and trials.

Innovation to support major shutdowns

At Ortec, digital is becoming increasingly important in preparing for major maintenance shutdowns, as in carrying out and monitoring work. We innovate continuously, with a challenge: digitising our methods and all processes, from sharing documentation to processing information. Using the Digital Forms application, field surveys are now carried out on a tablet, which makes data more reliable to transfer and easier to process.

Our referencies

Plant shutdown
4,200 hours of cleaning, 3,000 hours of waste disposal, 2,300 hours of pumping, 1,500 hours of handling and 13,700 hours of assembly during the technical shutdown of an industrial site in Normandy

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