expertise génie électrique

Electricity and weak current: an expertise in installation and modernization

BRUNET, a subsidiary of the Ortec Group specialized in tertiary services, provides tailor-made services in the field of electricity and low voltage.

Our Expertises

Electrical installation assignments

Expert in new works and maintenance, BRUNET is a partner of companies in the tertiary sector for the realization of their projects in electrical installation or modernization, communication systems, security of goods or people.

With a central design office, BRUNET provides technical and regulatory support to the agencies in order to propose efficient and innovative solutions. Each service guarantees the conformity and the safety of the installations as well as a delivery within the deadlines.

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Electrical installation expertise and services

From design to maintenance, including installation, BRUNET offers tailor-made services.

High voltage:

  • High Voltage Stations
  • High Voltage Connection
  • High Voltages Boxes


Low voltage distribution:

  • Pulling of cables (cables section calculation)
  • MASTS + Lightning protector + Lightning rod
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Generators, inverters, lifting pumps
  • Lighting (all types including safety)
  • Electric heating (all types), Water Heaters
  • Tertiary (equipment, office space)
  • Industriel (power, power suply, machine and motors >100A, selective power cut)


Highways – various networks:

  • Development of housing estates (EDF, FRANCE TELECOM, TELEVISION)
  • Underground outdoor lighting
  • Exterior lighting of buildings


Electricity for houses:

  • Treatment of riser under tension
  • Rehabilitation of housing in occupied areas
  • Rehabilitation of common areas


CIEV / Photovoltaïc:

  • Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • Realization of photovoltaic installations
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Light current expertise and services

Safety of people:

  • Fire Detection System (FDS)
  • Fire Safety System (FSS)
  • Fire extinguishment
  • Patient Calls
  • Anti-runaway


Safety of property:

  • Intruder Alarm
  • Access control system (entry/exit management)
  • Intercom (audio and video)


IT and telephone cabling:

  • Copper and optical cabling architecture
  • Architecture of computer racks
  • Copper and optical tests

IT networks and telecom networks:

  • Integration of IT networks
  • Communication servers (IP and TDM)




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Fields of activity
  • Equipment and maintenance of tertiary premises


Discover Multies

With the “Multies” offer, BRUNET responds to the specificities of multi-site companies thanks to a centralized management of its services: customized services, long-term follow-up and cost optimization.

Electricity, low current, thermal engineering… from design to maintenance, a multi-site referent accompanies each customer and puts the experience and expertise of the BRUNET agency network at its disposal.

Our Markets

Government & Local authorities

Construction and Real estate


Job openings : Electrical Engineering

Maçon VRD - H/F

  • CDI
  • Angers, Pays de la Loire

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Applicateur Hygiéniste 3D H/F

  • CDI
  • Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, Normandie

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Maçon VRD - H/F

  • CDI
  • Chambray-lès-Tours, Centre-Val de Loire

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