Rodent control, insect control, disinfection, pigeon control

Ortec, a specialist in the environmental sector, responds quickly to all contractual or one-time requests for rodent control, insect control, disinfection and pigeon control.

Our offers

3d hygiène
  • Extermination of all rodents, insects (cockroaches, ants, fleas)
  • Treatment methods: spraying, fumigants, approved applicators, electrical insect control, etc.
Insect control
  • Laying of insect traps
  • Elimination of flying insects
  • Sanitary inspections
rodent control

Installation of rat and mouse baiting

pigeon control
  • Installation of nets, eco-spikes, taut wires and/or electrical repellents
  • Low-pressure cleaning or manual operations to remove droppings and installation of spikes in strategic locations
  • Cleaning of floors with removal of waste: dead birds and pigeon droppings
  • Destruction in approved waste collection sites

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