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Ortec is an international integrator of construction and engineering solutions, made up of men and women who share the same enthusiasm for tackling industrial challenges.
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As a full-service provider and an integrator of high added-value construction and engineering solutions, Ortec is a partner of choice for the industrial and service sectors in France and abroad

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Ortec operates in 28 countries across 4 continents. Bolstered by its in-depth knowledge of local contexts and of the industrial sector’s specific demands, Ortec relies on its ability to listen and on the complementary nature of its core businesses to implement the very best solutions for its customers.

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In each country, the Ortec Group combines its multidisciplinary expertise, its knowledge of the local fabric, its capacity for mobilization and relies on appropriate infrastructure as well as innovative equipment to provide integrated solutions.


Four business units aligned as closely as possible with customer processes.

History and Achievements

Getting into the story of the Ortec Group is looking back on 25+ years of achievements and multiple company roots. Live the strongest moments that made up the Group’s timeline.


Ortec has the audacity and ingenuity to shift the lines and build the global industry of tomorrow, with and on behalf of its customers. Ortec’s innovation policy
Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Standing united. Quality, Efficiency, Innovation and Ethics: through these key priorities, the Ortec group aims to establish a relationship based on mutual trust and satisfaction with its customers and partners.
All Ortec employees are responsible for upholding this approach, regardless of the business they are in.

Ethics and Compliance

Compliance with laws and regulations is a requirement that brooks no exceptions or compromises. The Ortec group undertakes to ensure that all its activities both in France and abroad are carried out in accordance with all applicable laws in the social, fiscal, commercial and environmental protection fields.

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