Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsability

Standing united. Quality, Efficiency, Innovation and Ethics: through these key priorities, the Ortec group aims to establish a relationship based on mutual trust and satisfaction with its customers and partners.

All Ortec employees are responsible for upholding this approach, regardless of the business they are in.

Our approach

Ortec has always built its development strategy around the social, societal, ethical and environmental challenges affecting its various businesses. 

This pro-active and responsible approach is symbolised by the “Made in Ortec” philosophy.

“Made in Ortec” is a mindset, a particular way of working that is based on the following values: safety first, innovation driven by all, a commitment to teamwork, trust-based relationships with customers and partners, and environmental compliance.

Key figures

5 % of the total payroll allocated to training
75 % of employees undertake training every year
18 clean plant agreements
25 waste treatment centers
20 % fewer industrial accidents in 3 years

Our values

Built on a foundation of deep-rooted values, Ortec is so much more than a company.

Ortec is a key player in society, with a strong sense of responsibility and commitment towards its employees and stakeholders. The “Made in Ortec” philosophy is based on six values, which underpin everything we do:
Trust, audacity, control, safety, solidarity and recognition.

Our ressources

Our employees are our top priority: their skills, expertise and experience are the Ortec group’s greatest assets.

Our value chain

Our ongoing presence throughout the project lifecycle is what makes our business model unique.

We are involved every step of the way, from design to development and maintenance: Something no other medium-sized company can match!

Our customer service approach really sets us apart. The Ortec group boasts multiple core businesses across four continents and is proud of its diverse range of interconnecting expertise, the strong ties it has built and the synergies it has created.
This unique approach enables us to deliver tailored services and forge lasting and privileged relationships with our customers.

It is a virtuous circle in which mutual trust flourishes and grows, project after project.

Our mission: a world "Made in Ortec"

Social, societal and environmental issues: from day one, the Ortec group has pursued a responsible development strategy.

Through our ambitious and proactive approach, we are striving to create a “Made in Ortec” world revolving around seven key priorities:

The safety and security of our personnel: our unwavering commitment in this area is summed up by the motto “Life First”. Not only is it a crucial issue for our employees and customers, but it is also a guarantee of sustainable development.

Innovation driven by all: Our vision of the future is everyone’s business, and the starting point for relevant solutions.

Team competence and commitment: We invest in training for local teams to anticipate future skills needs and also to help them understand how the business economy works and how they can contribute to it.

Solidarity: Ortec supports its employees through the vicissitudes of life. Through the O’Solidaire scheme, we grant scholarships, help improve assistance for those who are ill, and support actions to integrate people with disabilities. We also support housing initiatives. All the work we do in this area is part of a corporate project called “Ortec, Life Together”.

Control and compliance: We pursue a policy of continuous improvement across all our businesses and markets. Our model is based, among other things, on management systems certified under ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), EN 91 000 (space and aviation) or OHSAS 18001 (safety). We also require our employees, suppliers and subcontractors to adhere to strict business ethics rules and Ortec’s internal code of conduct, “Ortec Compliance”.

Environmental compliance: As a leading provider of services to industry, local communities and individuals, environmental compliance lies at the core of all our activities. Ortec is committed to protecting the environment through cleaner worksites, innovative techniques and employee training and awareness programmes.

Efficiency: Our pursuit of efficiency is reflected on a daily basis in O’Lean, an internal operational efficiency plan based on uniform working methods and the adoption of best practices. Ortec implements a “Lean Management” strategy to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. The O’Lean plan, which is applicable to all operations, advocates a continuous improvement approach underpinned by the slogans “Getting it right the first time” and “The right people in the right jobs”. The optimisation of processes and resources enables the group to be more efficient every day, and to provide its customers with increasingly high-quality services.

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