Eolbox, a waste management solution for wind farms

Wind energy is clean!

Wind turbines produce neither contaminated materials, nor fluid waste, nor CO2 and they require no natural fossil resources.
Yet a wind turbine produces indirect waste from the maintenance of its components, such as the mast, nacelle and rotor.

They also have batteries containing lead, used oils, fluorescent tubes, soiled packaging, aerosols, etc.

To manage this waste, opt for organization, safety and accessibility!

Choose EOLBOX: the first integrated solution for waste management from wind farms, designed and patented by the Ortec Group.


Eolbox at a glance

EOLBOX is a 30 m³ mobile container, which is easy to transport, divided into two wings.

On the right wing you will find compartmentalized and modular containers, suitable for different types of waste, which are identified by clear labeling, and intended for waste storage in compliance with the ICPE (Environmentally Protected Facility) legislation in force for wind turbine sites.

EOLBOX is also compliant with the ADR treaty for the transportation of HIW (Hazardous Industrial Waste), WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and OIW (Ordinary Industrial Waste).

The left wing allows for circulation and easy access to the containers. It is equipped with a fire extinguisher.
The container is ventilated and has natural lighting. It requires no electrical power supply.

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A container suited to every type of waste

Hover over the various types of waste below to discover the matching container :

Turnkey: a centralized solution that meets your needs

How does it work?

The Ortec branch closest to you delivers the EOLBOX to your wind farm. Throughout the maintenance operations on your wind turbines, your technicians collect, sort and store the various types of waste.

Ortec operators then ensure the collection and transportation of your waste to the appropriate processing facilities as well as the pre-processing of certain types of waste.

Delivery of the box to the customer site
Available throughout the maintenance cycle

eolbox in brief

  • Compliant with the ICPE legislation in force for wind farms
  • Compliant with the ADR treaty for the transportation of waste
  • A watertight, resistant and secure container
  • Mobile and easy to transport
  • Volume of 30 m³
  • Clear labeling
  • Compartmentalized and adapted containers: soiled materials and packaging, aerosols, WEEE, batteries containing lead, OIW, fluorescent tubes and used oils
  • No electricity power supply required

Ortec’s solution provides simple and efficient management of all types

of waste from the maintenance of your wind turbines.

Also discover the Eolbox mini

This smaller version of the EOLBOX® was designed to address 2 issues:

  • A container suited to wind farms that produce low volumes of waste:
    – with fewer wind turbines
    – with technology emitting low waste volumes
  • To meet regulatory requirements outside of preventive maintenance periods (permanent collection method)


  • A watertight, resistant and secure container
  • Mobile and easy to transport
  • Autonomous (it requires no electrical power supply)
  • Tailored to your waste constraints
  • Compliant with the ICPE legislation in force for wind farms
  • No risk of breakage or deterioration
  • A turnkey solution
  • Management of BSD (waste tracking slips).
  • Collection, transportation and pre-processing of waste

The characteristics

  • Respect of regulatory restrictions imposed by the competent authorities (DREAL and DDT – regional environment, planning and housing agencies and local territorial agencies)
  • Permanent and secure waste storage method
  • Limits the carbon footprint for logistical operations (transportation and removal)
  • Pooling of facilities and removals to reduce costs
  • Visually adapted to the local environment
  • Modularity and flexibility of use

More than just a container, EOLBOX mini® is a genuine dedicated space, designed to take care of all the hazardous and non-hazardous waste from your wind farms

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