NT4 : le détartreur robotisé dans le secteur nucléaire

NT4: robotized descaler for the nuclear sector

Specializing in maintenance and cleaning in the nuclear sector, the Ortec Group deploys cutting-edge technology, such as Very High Pressure equipment (VHP), designed to improve performance, reduce carbon footprint and guarantee optimal safety conditions. For its critical and non-critical condenser descaling operations, the Group uses a mechanical descaler: NT4.

NT4 was designed by the Ortec Group and its Industrial Maintenance & Environment department to meet the expectations of the nuclear energy companies, to ensure the safety of nuclear facilities, and to resolve the problem of progressive scaling of condenser tubes observed in some power plants. This phenomenon is the result of cooling operations using river water, whose scale deposits on the tubes can lead to a significant decrease in the power and performance of Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs).

A response to technical, environmental and safety challenges

Designed by Ortec’s technical innovation center Dantech  in partnership with Ortec Industrie Rognac, NT4 optimizes intervention time on condensers, located between the secondary circuit and the cooling circuit of nuclear power plants.

Using 1,000 bars of pressure, the mechanical descaler cleans 4 condenser tubes at a time using a wire, ensuring that their integrity is preserved. Automation reduces operator exposure to very high pressure circuits and prevents tube perforation by stationary jets. This is a real advantage during unit shutdowns.

This programmable, adaptable and compact automaton is one of the first innovations “Made in Ortec”  developed in the Very High-Pressure sector to automate these sensitive activities.

Très haute pression - THP
rapidité temps d'installation
installation time
rapidité des opérations
1 to 1 metre(s) /min
hose movement speed

Highly adaptable to site conditions

The NT4 robot is made-up of sub-assemblies for optimal transport and set-up:

  • 2 wheeled modules for storage and motor-driven movement of the 2 VHP pipes
  • 1 wheeled module for machine control and pipe movement monitoring (with remote control panel)
  • 1 head garage box + flexible conduit guide
  • 1 manual positioner for the VHP head garage box
Détartreur NT4 : modules

Simplified operation is facilitated by a portable operating panel providing fault information (untreated blockage / exit from programmed positions / drive torque thresholds exceeded, etc.).

With a footprint of just 5 m², the robot is highly adaptable to different situations and levels of scaling:

  • Variable tube spacing
  • Tubes of all diameters
  • Critical / non-critical descaling and thorough cleaning
  • Deployment in a single day, in a small work area
Détartreur NT4 - tubes
intégrité des tubes
length descaled
100% d'adaptation
to scaling level
intégrité des tubes
of tubes

The Ortec Group uses NT4 for its condenser cleaning operations under framework contracts with various NPPs (Cruas, Chinon, Saint-Laurent) and its standard operations (Cattenom, Dampierre…). Its teams can also intervene at EDF’s request to establish a diagnosis and evaluate the nature of the services to be provided.

  • Improved operator safety
  • Optimization of intervention time and water consumption
  • Possibility of parallel operation of several systems
  • Guaranteed high quality through speed consistency
  • Preservation of tube integrity

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