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Orys Faveyrolles, specialising in work and maintenance in the nuclear sector, can provide you with more than 30 years of know-how in the field. With experienced teams, professional qualifications and extensive industrial resources, Orys is able to respond quickly to your needs, even in “hostile” environments.

Orys, distributeur de gelOrys launches Distrigel, a contactless dispenser for gel or hydro-alcoholic solution designed to limit the risks of contamination. Designed and manufactured in France, its non-contact (foot control) and 100% mechanical device eliminates all risks of cross-contamination. Intended for professionals, Distrigel is the solution adapted for places receiving the public (employees, partners, visitors, customers, general public, etc.)

France Chaudronnerie, Boilermaking, Piping, Sheet Metal & Industrial Maintenance Association (ex-SNCT) and its Association Métier Avenir (AMA) award their “Marque Employeur by SNCT” label to the Ortec Group.

This distinction recognizes the Group’s commitment to recruiting, training and upgrading the skills of our employees in the metalworking trades: boilermaking, piping, welding and industrial maintenance.


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Energy and Nuclear:
With a strong presence in the energy sector for almost 70 years, the Ortec Group offers its expertise to customers. The cross-functional know-how of the Group’s various branches is recognised by the most important players, making the Ortec Group a major player in the world of energy and in particular, the nuclear sector.



Prefectural declaration receipt 13:
The Friedlander office [office name] is a holder of the trading, brokerage and transport receipt for hazardous and non-hazardous waste (hydrocarbon water, acids or alkalines and aqueous industrial waste). It ensures health and safety conditions for producers, eliminators and any other waste disposal agents, and is able to transfer the collected waste under optimal conditions for subsequent recycling.

MASE/UIC Certification [Manual for the improvement of company safety / Chemical Industries Union]
The branch [branch name], a subsidiary of the Ortec Group, holds the MASE/UIC Certification for its new works and maintenance activities in mechanical pipework and boilermaking. The certification aims to reduce risks at work through a Safety, Health and Environment management system.

CEFRI: Radioprotection Certification :
The branch Orys Faveyrolles, a subsidiary of the Ortec Group, holds the Radioprotection Certification relating to its management system set up for maintenance and work for monitored or controlled Zones, within the following BNF, SBNF facilities and all types of industrial and research installations.

EDF Qualification :
Orys, a subsidiary of the Ortec Group, holds the qualification to provide services on behalf of EDF relating to qualification systems for: boilermaking / pipework, inspections, analyses, measurements and tests, electricity & control-command, NDT-NDI (Non-destructive Testing & Inspection), civil engineering, HVAC engineering, industrial logistics, rotordynamics, valve maintenance, large component operations, tooling and consumables, intellectual services, technical assistance, and transportation.

ISO 9001-2015 Certification:
The branch Orys Faveyrolles, a subsidiary of the Ortec Group, holds the ISO 9001-2015 Certification relating to studies and the execution of projects and maintenance services in the sectors of energy and industry, in the fields of mechanics, metallurgy, electromechanics, electricity, dismantling, decontamination, handling, the operation of mobile units and transportation.


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