Plateforme Valorterre Normandie
Platform Valorterre Normandie

Efficient local solutions for the management and recovery of polluted excavated material

Discover the Valorterre Normandie Platform

Located in the Calvados department (14), the Blainville-sur-Orne platform is specialized in the management of polluted soil and inert materials.

Located in the Port of Caen, the platform has a surface area of 8,000 m2 and offers a transit capacity of 80,000 t/year. The center is equipped with a quay that allows it to unload and load barges directly and to ensure the river transport of soil before and after treatment. The platform has a permit for cross-border transport to recovery facilities.

The Blainville-sur-Orne platform can handle all of your excavated material thanks to the implementation of a wide range of treatment techniques: granulometric sorting and biological, physical-chemical and thermal treatments.

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Building trade industry:
The Ortec Group assists in dismantling and rehabilitation projects for manufacturers and players in the building trade, from advice to total reconversion, by offering the most effective, responsible and economically viable solution for every situation.

Local authorities:
The Ortec Group can help towns and local authorities with their efforts to provide their residents with a healthy and pleasant living environment. In compliance with current environmental standards, Ortec offers local councils, schools (…) their expertise and appropriate solutions for each administration in order to ensure hygiene and cleanliness for the community.

Private individuals:
From diagnosis to implementation, the Ortec Group, through its local Ortec Environment branches, offers a wide variety of services to private individuals in their homes: drainage, dredging, pumping, cleaning, disinsectisation, maintenance, connection, plumbing works, etc. The Group offers turnkey services for the everyday home maintenance.

The Ortec Group places all its experience and skills at the service of players in the tertiary sector. With the support of its local Ortec Environment branches, small and medium-sized businesses, property professionals, food retailers and hotel and restaurant operators can benefit from consulting services and solutions in the fields of sanitation, building maintenance, 3D hygiene, cleaning and even waste management.


MASE/UIC Certification
he Valorterre Normandie Platform, a subsidiary of the Ortec Group, holds the MASE/UIC Certification for its new works and maintenance activities in mechanical pipework and boilermaking. The certification aims to reduce risks at work through a Safety, Health and Environment management system.


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