Laboratoire d'idees

Ortec, an innovative company that stimulates new ideas

Meetups, sharings, challenges: as an innovative company, the Ortec Group fosters its collaborators creativity each day, with a common goal: produce client-oriented ideas, born from the field.


To foster interaction between innovative industrial companies

Since 2000, Ortec has hosted regular editions of O.Forum, a major event that gives the floor to leaders and decision-makers in the industrial and service sectors. A hallmark of the Ortec group, O.Forum is a unique event that offers an arena for exchanging and sharing information to more clearly identify major economic trends, understand environmental changes and determine the outlook for industry. It is also an opportunity for the group to listen to its customers and partners in order to better anticipate their problems, deliver better solutions and support them more effectively in their projects.


The permanent laboratory of ideas

The Innov’O challenge (or ‘Good Ideas Awards’) allows all Ortec employees to participate actively in the group’s innovation activities. During this annual challenge, which is designed to generate ideas from the grassroots, the participants go above and beyond to tackle various challenges: improving processes, redesigning tools, inventing new jobs and services, etc. What is the goal? To encourage employees to share their ideas on everything, all the time, and put those ideas into action in the future. Ortec has set up a dedicated web site to facilitate the collection of ideas: throughout the year, employees can submit their ideas, track their progress, support the ideas of others, and make them grow.

Innovation week

Un concentré d’innovation

The highlight of the Innov’O challenge is Innovation Week, THE week of good ideas at ORTEC. For one week every year, employees across all branches and sites take part in daily workshops, discussions, presentations and events. Why? To stimulate creativity, promote interaction between entities, and encourage everyone to put forward new and innovative ideas.

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