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Improving and transforming require an unusual mindset. Beyond technical skills, our partners appreciate this approach, as can be seen in the illustrations below.

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Mastering a process while keeping the initiative, daring to rethink it to seek improvements: this is the level of expertise at which Ortec people like to operate. In the petrochemical field, our engineers went as far as to invent a hydrocarbon pumping equipment from A to Z, pushing back the standard safety requirement threshold. The low VOC-emissions hydrocleanser is a 100% Ortec innovation.
Control, for Ortec, means reiterating excellence, knowing how to supply it consistently and continually across all projects, under all conditions. The best example? An exceptional project over several years: that of equipping all French nuclear power plants with a Final Backup Diesel generator (FBD). A human and technical epic, and for Ortec a real demonstration of controlling ultra-complex projects.
Every three years, O.Forum brings together major industry leaders and decision-makers for a unique day. Unique in the quality of the discussions, but also in the very special atmosphere that unites speakers and guests, the Group and the Ortec employees 100% involved in preparing and running the event.
Our 206 Casques d’Or [‘gold caps’] are Ortec’s elite body. Ortec uses this status to distinguish the men and women whose exemplary career, perfect knowledge of the field and adoption of the Group’s values bestow a value that both customers and colleagues can rely on.
Jeune fille avec son chien dans la foret
A company showing solidarity is one that considers its employees, in both good times and bad times, supports them both in their career plan and in their personal life. A company showing solidarity is simply one where employees look after each other and are willing to act or assist.
Sécurité : Ortec obtient le tigre d'Or 2017
By getting involved in their projects, our customers know that they are relying on reliable, responsible teams, vigilant about the safety of operations. Safety is second nature at Ortec.