Made in Ortec: daring to reinvent a standard process

Mastering a process while keeping the initiative, daring to rethink it to seek improvements: this is the level of expertise at which Ortec people like to operate. In the petrochemical field, our engineers went as far as to invent a hydrocarbon pumping equipment from A to Z, pushing back the standard safety requirement threshold. The low VOC-emissions hydrocleanser is a 100% Ortec innovation.
Hydrocarbon pumping is a delicate operation due to product flammability. Since Ortec people like to have full control over their operations, and since there was no suitable solution, the engineers designed, built and patented a hydrocleansing vehicle with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions to limit the risk. Ortec Environment on the Old Port
Ortec Environnement sur le Vieux Port
Hydrocarbons are usually pumped into tanks held under a vacuum. The liquids are pushed into the tank by atmospheric pressure. But the greater the vacuum in the tank, the greater the amount of liquid that evaporates, and the more loaded the atmosphere becomes with harmful particles. Now, with the Ortec-patented solution, the time that the products to be pumped remain under vacuum has been greatly reduced.
The Solution
With the Ortec solution, liquids are no longer pumped directly under vacuum into the tank, but sucked into two enclosures (two hydrocyclones). One is emptied while the other is filled. The liquids only remain under vacuum for a few seconds. Using a condenser fitted at the pump outlet, the gases switch to the liquid state, further improving efficiency of the system.
Using this new system, VOC emissions into the atmosphere are much lower: for 4 m3 of 98-petrol pumped, 15 litres petrol vapour are released instead of 130 litres with the standard process. In this way, technicians are exposed to fewer emissions and the accident risk is reduced. This provides greater assurance of safety for People and facilities. Ortec developed this process in 18 months. All the components developed by the Group are fitted on a 19-tonne vehicle. Two Ortec experts in front of a reduced-VOC emissions hydrocleanser
There were no safe solutions for pumping in a refinery. Now there is this new, safer, cleaner process that Ortec brings to petrochemical customers. A bold innovation, derived from field experience and a continuing desire to improve the efficiency of practices. The industry hoped for it – Ortec did it!