Casques d’Or :
of expertise

Our 206 Casques d’Or [‘gold caps’] are Ortec’s elite body. Ortec uses this status to distinguish the men and women whose exemplary career, perfect knowledge of the field and adoption of the Group’s values bestow a value that both customers and colleagues can rely on.
Ortec value
All the value Ortec generates for industries is based on the skills and expertise of employees, their knowledge of a particular industrial setting, an environment, operational expertise, etc. There are so many areas, such varied assignments, and so many different contexts: it is important to remember the right actions, the right processes. It is important always to be able to keep an eye on excellence, to recognise it and to use it whenever our customers request it. That’s why the Casques d’Or were created. Experts in their professions, models for the teams, examples of professional success too, these talented men and women are a reference point, a memory and a means of passing on knowledge, as much for technical knowledge as the taste for the job well done, service focus, team spirit, etc.
Promotion 2016 des Casques d'Or
Casque d'Or

The status of Casque d’Or is both recognition and a commitment: the Casque d’Or chooses to be even more available, mobile on the construction sites to bring their expertise, involved with its branch office on issues as diverse as recruitment, safety, purchasing, training, etc. It is an exceptional position.. To join this circle, you have to meet demanding criteria:

  • have more than three years’ service,
  • be expert in your profession and the expert in your branch office,
  • be recognised by your peers,
  • set an example in terms of safety,
  • adhere to Ortec’s values and carry its colours high.

Never permanently awarded, Casque d’Or status is reviewed every three years, to confirm that the expert’s career path still meets the required selection criteria.

Promotion 2016 des Casques d'Or
How they perceive

Cédric Chartier, operator driver at Ortec Services Environnement Niort branch office, at Ortec for 10 years, Casque d’Or since 2014

« Being elected Casque d’Or is always a bit surprising! But it recognises that you have mastered your job and that you are uncompromising on safety. It also shows that we put People first, that mutual help, respect and excellence are the foundation of Ortec. »

Works operator at the Ortec Environnement Nantes branch office for 30 years, Casque d’Or since 2016

« Recognition is very important. Even before being distinguished, I was training youngsters, one of whom has become a Casque d’Or: this proves the importance of passing on knowledge in Ortec. It's a family: our role is also to look after those joining the company, to help them adopt the company's values. »

Promotion 2016 des Casques d'Or

Patrice Bourreau, pipe welding site foreman at the Orys Marne-la-Vallée branch office, at Ortec for 6 years, Casque d’Or since 2016

« Being appointed a Casque d’Or is an honour and recognition of a love of the profession. It is both a sign of trust and a responsibility: it gives us a duty towards our colleagues. We have to be absolutely right. »