Safety: a fully integrated culture

By getting involved in their projects, our customers know that they are relying on reliable, responsible teams, vigilant about the safety of operations. Safety is second nature at Ortec.

at Ortec

Beacause the majority of our men and women work in environments that expose them to risk, safety at Ortec is not just a policy, a set of tools, equipment, processes, etc. Far more than that, safety is a culture derived from a long industrial history. A working instinct in everyone’s mind. EDF Safety Award

Récompense sécurité EDF

Safety: we owe it to our employees and their loved ones, but also to our customers, who are committed to their own goals and who rely on partners who know how to work and help them achieve these goals. Because security at Ortec is second nature, some customers go so far as to entrust us with overall supervision on their sites, for their own employees and for all stakeholders. Because safety is our second nature, we introduce our customers to safer methods for both People and facilities.

Sécurité et responsabilité
& Responsability

Safety is our first criterion for assessing work. It is an operational goal in its own right. In particular, it is everyone’s business, a responsibility closely shared by every employee. Responsible for yourself, responsible for your colleagues – every Ortec employee learns to be vigilant and alert, to report when the safety conditions are not met on a site, to act and react quickly.