United, in good times and bad

A company showing solidarity is one that considers its employees, in both good times and bad times, supports them both in their career plan and in their personal life. A company showing solidarity is simply one where employees look after each other and are willing to act or assist.

Ortec has a strong corporate culture, and even more so team spirit, apprenticeship, a developed sense of the teamwork driven by a truly caring energy. We are certain that when united we go farther and faster, and that in all circumstances solidarity is the cornerstone of relations between the company and employees, between the employees themselves, between Ortec and the world where the company operates.

Les Casques d'Or sur scène lors de la convention Ortec 2016

At Ortec, this corporate culture has something of a family spirit. It can be seen at any time. In professional life, but also in secondary aspects.

Salariés en ligne lors de la semaine de lutte contre le handicap (seeph)
A property development project, a child growing up and entering higher education? An accident, illness? Life is full of surprises, and not only good ones. Ortec watches over its People on a daily basis. Three words: listening, understanding and support, whatever the turn of events.
Groupe de salariées Ortec portant les T-shirts La Vie Ensemble

To translate these intentions into actions, Ortec has created a company project: Life Together. This project is based on three foundations: Handicap Action, which works to get people with disabilities into work and keep them there. Housing Action, which offers financial aid and services to facilitate access to Social Action housing, supported by the Group’s social worker who listens, informs, advises and supports employees on their rights, budgetary and administrative management, social benefits, etc. A solidarity fund supplements the Social Action scheme. ‘O’Solidarity’ is funded by part of the Group’s profits. Created to help employees who need it most.

in figures

% emergency aid


% debt-relief aid


% aid following funerals


% aid to families with dependent disabled children

Frédéric Gaillanne

Ortec employees support the Frédéric Gaillanne Foundation. The leading guide-dog training school in Europe, the Frédéric Gaillanne Foundation is dedicated entirely to blind and partially-sighted children or those with other forms of disability. Through its action, it allows them to become independent and fulfilled. Ortec employees have demonstrated their support for the cause by creating a solidarity chain. For each link formed, Ortec paid €1 to the charity.

The Ortec Group
trusts the protected and adapted sector

For many years, the Ortec Group has been using the protected and adapted sector to accomplish various assignments. To the point of now having woven very strong ties with ESATs (higher education colleges) and EAs (adapted companies), which have become real partners. As proof of the links between Ortec and the protected and adapted sector, an initiative was launched for several years with the COOPSOC (French Association for Social Cooperation) to reward one ESAT and its business project every year, through a competition between organisations.

The Ortec Group has been working alongside the Fondation ARC (cancer research) for several years and has chosen to direct its support into a research programme for children fighting the disease. Deployed within La Timone in Marseille, this project aims to validate the supporting nature of regular appropriate physical activity in parallel with treatments.

Ortec Soutient la fondation Arc