O.Forum - A day of confidence

Every three years, O.Forum brings together major industry leaders and decision-makers for a unique day. Unique in the quality of the discussions, but also in the very special atmosphere that unites speakers and guests, the Group and the Ortec employees 100% involved in preparing and running the event.

The day before
4 pm

Excitement at the Ortec head office in Aix-en-Provence. The preparations for O.Forum, begun almost a year ago, are nearing their end. The first bookings were made five months ago. There are more bookings and greater enthusiasm every year. They expect worthwhile and surprising discussions, and dialogue based around the issues that concern them. They know: there’s no other opportunity to hear and meet so many speakers at this level. A curious blend of key events and special moments, where decision-makers can confidently tackle the major issues head-on, out of reach of radio or television. That’s why so many big names keep the date free almost a year in advance. They trust Ortec to create the ideal conditions for listening, transparency and lively discussions. Ortec is proud to have established this get-together: O.Forum embodies a certain idea of confidence in the future, Man’s ability to investigate new areas and explore new avenues with its customers.

Récapitulatif d'O-Forum 2017
The day itself
6 am

The final details have been settled, the underground car park is converted into an auditorium, the stage is set, sound and lighting are ready… In two hours, the 2017 O.Forum will kick off. Laurence, Michel, Romain, Bilel, Karine and a hundred of their colleagues, fellow volunteers, are already on deck to present the day. Since yesterday, they’ve acted as guides, driven guests from the airport to the hotel, from the railway station to Ortec’s head office, and more. And it’s far from over. Engineer, technician or assistant at Ortec for 20 years, 5 years or 18 months, they will welcome the guests, hand out badges, manage the cloakroom, show guests to the room, pass microphones, lay the tables for lunch and provide table service, etc. Today, as throughout the preparation phase, the employees are in the front line. Ortec has full confidence in its teams to be the best hosts for industry decision-makers and to spend this day alongside them. No doubt: they will all be up to the task. For attendees, they will be mindful of details and precise actions, and at the same time will be able to share relevant thoughts and an overview of their job. The day promises to be rewarding.

For Ortec, O.Forum represents an expression of confidence in the future, in Man's ability to investigate new areas and explore new avenues with its customers.

The day itself
8:30 am

They arrive one by one. 400 guests, including 26 high-profile speakers, influential economic players. The conference programme looks busy… and exciting. We talk about the future of energy, digitalisation, industrial responsibility, inter-business relations, etc. But beyond the day’s content, it is this characteristic welcome that participants find and appreciate: personal contact, which is always on the cards and makes all the difference. Ortec plays at home. During transport by shuttle bus, a make-up session or a round table, participants always make a special connection. Throughout the day, they are accompanied by real partners: Ortec’s men and women, motivated by kindly energy, eager to push back their limits, driven by team success… Real pros in this role for a day as every day in their work!

A panel of speakers from all walks of life brought together to discuss, share and create the French industry of tomorrow.

intervenants O'Forum

Ortec customers: they speak best of the Group! In our video ‘Ortec TV’, we gave the floor to the O’Forum guests, among the biggest names of decision makers in French industry. Rediscover their interviews and their ‘100% confidence in Ortec’

Récapitulatif d'O-Forum 2017
The day itself
O.Forum is in full swing. Speakers and round tables come and go. Always an opportunity to meet, discuss and share ideas on the subject of challenges and solutions presented to industry today and tomorrow. Employees involved in the smooth running of the day facilitate meetings, always with the same energy and efficiency. They have confidence in themselves to make this edition better. The work they do during this day is an outcome, a logical cycle in their relationship with their work. If they like working at Ortec, it is partly for this: the assurance of achieving their full potential and seeing their value recognised. This edition of O.Forum will soon reach its conclusion. The hosts for a day will take leave, drivers will take the last guests back to the railway station or airport. Until the next meeting, which they are already looking forward to, in three years’ time.

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employees in the hosting team


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O.Forum 2017