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Expertises across the entire industrial value chain, proven experience in leading-edge sectors, etc. The Ortec teams benefit from an excellent knowledge of the specific requirements of the industry.

Oil & gas

Ortec uses its 40-plus years of experience to support upstream and downstream oil and gas industries in onshore, offshore and subsea operations.


With almost 70 years of experience, Ortec is a recognised expert in the nuclear field, both in France and worldwide. The group has all the authorisations needed to take part in everything from design engineering to nuclear maintenance, in a shared endeavour to ensure the safety of installations.

Aeronautics, aerospace

The space and aviation industries are traditional areas of focus for the Ortec group. Since the 1950s, the Ortec Engineering business unit, and the specialised subsidiaries Sonovision and Ortec-IT, have worked closely with the world’s largest industries in this field.


The Ortec group has worked with the key actors in France’s defence industry for many years, drawing on the expertise of its weapons engineers to respond rigorously to the sector’s stringent requirements all over Europe.

Chemicals & pharmaceuticals

Engineering, construction, maintenance and dismantling: as a key actor in the engineering, industrial and environment sectors, the Ortec group is a partner of choice for chemical and pharmaceutical companies throughout the life cycle of their facilities.


Ortec brings its full range of engineering and design expertise to the automotive sector, against a backdrop of rapid technological change. The group is involved in both the passenger car and the Formula 1 markets.

Food processing

Ortec has been undertaking new construction and maintenance projects in the food and beverage industry for over 30 years. From the execution to the outsourced provision of services, the group utilises its expertise and know-how to serve a vital economic sector.


The Ortec group provides rail manufacturers and operators with a wide range of general skills, from project management support to rail maintenance and infrastructure cleaning. Versatile expertise.

Construction and real estate

As a service integrator, the Ortec group provides the tertiary sector and real estate actors with turnkey maintenance and property management services.

Government & local authorities

Ortec group is a leader in the environmental services market and provides local authorities and administrations with a wide range of services to cover all their needs: support in the management of complex projects, equipment maintenance, cleaning and waste management.

Heavy Industries

Raw materials transformation, metalworks, chemical, paper industry… Ortec supports major players in heavy industry.

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