Aerospace industry

The space and aviation industries are traditional areas of focus for the Ortec group. Since the 1950s, the Ortec Engineering business unit, and the specialised subsidiaries Sonovision and Ortec-IT, have worked closely with the world’s largest industries in this field.

The aerospace industry: experiencing growth and heightened competition

The aviation sector is booming: there are 80,000 flights per day worldwide and global air traffic has been increasing steadily for the past ten years. By 2032, long-haul aircraft deliveries will more than double worldwide. The space sector is experiencing similar growth: 1,000 satellites will be placed in orbit by 2023, i.e. more than one hundred per year.

This growth is taking place against a backdrop of fundamental technical change and increasingly fierce competition. The challenge for aviation manufacturers:

  • shorten aircraft development and commissioning times,
  • optimise development and manufacturing costs, leverage automation and digitisation at every stage from design to manufacture,
  • stay one step ahead of developments in low-consumption engines, electrical systems and autonomous flight,
  • meet stringent safety and security requirements.

Ortec for the space and aviation industry

The Ortec group provides the aerospace industry with cross-functional expertise and a versatile offering encompassing several areas :

  • document engineering: design and production of the documentation required to enable aircraft to fly;
  • project engineering: project management, system engineering, etc.
  • linguistic engineering: specialised translations (presentations, plans, specifications, procedures, technical files), transcreation and localisation (software, online help, documentation), etc.
  • production and distribution of maintenance tools: design and prototyping, small- and medium-scale industrial production, distribution logistics, etc.

For example, Ortec-IT has designed, developed and begun to manufacture an electric wiring system for the Italian space agency, coordinating the entire component design and development process.

Our strenghts


  • Close proximity to the customer: Nineteen sites in France, seven others in Germany, Romania, Canada, Spain, the USA, India and the UK
  • Over 300 skilled employees in India and Romania, mainly senior technicians and engineers who comply with the most rigorous standards
  • High-quality services at competitive prices



Ortec is a long-standing partner in the civil and military development projects of European giant Airbus, and as such supports its helicopter business. It is producing some of the technical documentation for the future H160.

Pilatus PC24

Production of structural maintenance and repair manuals for the PC-24 twinjet manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland