H160: partner in the development of a state-of-the-art helicopter

Ortec is a long-standing partner in the civil and military development projects of European giant Airbus, and as such supports its helicopter business. It is producing some of the technical documentation for the future H160.

The H160 helicopter in a nutshell

Airbus Helicopters’ latest medium-tonnage helicopter, the H160, is a worthy successor to the Dauphin. This medium-sized helicopter will be suitable for all applications, including assignments in the oil and gas sector, private passenger transport, rescue missions and medical emergencies.

Ortec for the H160

Ortec’s subsidiary Sonovision, which specialises in document engineering, has been a trusted partner of the Airbus group for several years and is one of the two service providers selected by Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter) to produce the digital work cards and procurement documentation for the H160 ahead of its entry into service.

In Marignane, where Airbus Helicopters has its head office and production plant, Sonovision is in charge of the technical documentation for the Super Puma range, including the well-known variants for air and naval air forces. The H160 programme marks a new stage in the relationship of trust with the Airbus group.

Did you know?

With its composite fuselage, its Safran engine and its fully digitalised avionics system, the H160 is packed full of innovative features. It is also the first helicopter to use highly profiled “Blue Edge” rotor blades with double-swept tips to reduce in-flight noise levels by half.


Pilatus PC24

Production of structural maintenance and repair manuals for the PC-24 twinjet manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland

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