PC-24: technical documentation for the Swiss-made twinjet

Production of structural maintenance and repair manuals for the PC-24 twinjet manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland

The PC-24 in a nutshell

With a range of 3,700 km with four passengers, the PC-24 or “Super Versatile Jet” is the first ever twinjet able to take off and land on very short, unpaved surfaces. It is also the first business jet in the world to be fitted with a cargo door as standard. In addition, the PC-24 has a pressurised cabin that can seat 6, 8 or 10 passengers as required. Unveiled in 2013 at the European Business Aviation & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, the “all-terrain” business jet was certified by the European and US aviation authorities on 7 December 2017.

Ortec for the pc-24

A pioneer in the production of technical documentation for the aviation sector, Sonovision has become a partner of choice for aircraft manufacturers and airlines. Preparation and illustration of written documentation and refuelling documentation: the Ortec subsidiary is constantly building its skills and expertise for the high-tech aviation sector, where technical documentation containing all the information necessary to maintain, repair and replace parts, and adjust and inspect equipment and systems, is vital.

The Swiss business aircraft manufacturer Pilatus has commissioned Sonovision’s British and Spanish subsidiaries to produce all the documentation for its PC-24 twinjet. Eleven employees have been tasked with producing the structural maintenance and repair manuals. Nothing is left to chance in these documents, which can make the difference between life and death for passengers, and must meet every single one of the criteria laid down by the aircraft manufacturer. Photo credits: Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.

photos credits : Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

Did you know?

The PC-24 is the first ever Swiss-made twinjet to be certified by both the European and American aviation authorities. It is unique in that it offers unparalleled mobility, thanks to its ability to take off on short – even unpaved – runways of just 2,810 feet (856 m). This means that it can operate from more than 20,000 airstrips! When carrying four passengers, it has a range of 3,700 km.



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