Food processing industry

Ortec has been undertaking new construction and maintenance projects in the food and beverage industry for over 30 years. From the execution to the outsourced provision of services, the group utilises its expertise and know-how to serve a vital economic sector.

Cost rationalisation and performance maintenance

Food processing is one of the largest sectors of industry, particularly in France: in 2014, it accounted for 21% of turnover from the French manufacturing industry. The market is relatively stable overall and is not really affected by the vagaries of the economic climate. Its growth is currently based on the manufacture of baked goods, pasta, and food products such as sugar, chocolate, confectionery, etc.

Food safety is a crucial issue for this industry. Agri-food manufacturers must constantly modernise, streamline and improve their processes to ensure the impeccable quality and traceability of their products.

The industry also faces other, equally important challenges that are often intertwined. These include reducing operating costs, ensuring plant availability and limiting its environmental footprint.

Ortec for the food processing industry

Ortec offers foods and beverages manufacturers a wide range of construction and maintenance services:

  • design and project management services for the construction or extension of production units; preparation, prefabrication and manufacture of structures
  • unit shutdowns
  • general or specialised maintenance
  • remedial work on production or storage facilities
  • piping, metalwork, mechanics, assembly, lifting
  • electrical works
  • regular statutory inspections
  • cleaning, pickling, hygiene, etc.

Our strenghts


  • A strong culture of safety and expertise; personnel with a thorough knowledge of the risks and regulatory requirements specific to the food processing industry
  • A network of local branches in France and abroad, and a dedicated contact person who benefits from competent, impartial and comprehensive technical and organisational support
  • Certified organisations meeting the requirements of the MASE corporate safety improvement manual
  • Extensive certifications: GIES 1&2, ATEX, ARI, GTIS, ADR, Electrical, Scaffolding, etc.
  • A service culture and a strong focus on “getting it right the first time”