Car manufacturing

Ortec brings its full range of engineering and design expertise to the automotive sector, against a backdrop of rapid technological change. The group is involved in both the passenger car and the Formula 1 markets.

The automotive market at the centre of a technological revolution

The automotive industry lies at the crossroads of several major changes, which are taking place extremely quickly :

  • new trends are emerging in the mobility space, where there is a greater focus on use patterns and service provision than on ownership;
  • electric vehicles, which are set to become increasingly widespread, are not yet built to any standard technical models or requirements;
  • the advent of driverless vehicles and connected vehicles raises considerable technological challenges.

As a result of these incredibly rapid changes, car manufacturers are developing complex products and adopting an experimental approach to maintain their lead in areas with no tried and tested business models. They need to strengthen their skills in design, artificial intelligence, risk assessment, etc.

At the same time, car manufacturers are striving to improve the quality, safety, security, reliability and, above all, competitiveness of their vehicles. In France, the production restructuring process undertaken by manufacturers is starting to produce results. Substantial modernisation investments have led to net gains in development and manufacturing costs.

Ortec for the automotive industry

Drawing on its long experience in engineering, Ortec supports car manufacturers throughout their most ambitious projects, whether they involve passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, driverless vehicles or Formula 1 racing cars.

Our services :

  • System engineering
  • Quality control of all components (air conditioning, cooling system, steering, brakes, multimedia system, engine, gearbox)
  • Risk control
  • System security
  • Dependability
  • Ergonomic studies
  • Statistical reliability (predictive cost analysis, customer incident rate, etc.)
  • Project Management Officer (PMO)
  • Calculation and modelling

Our strenghts


Ortec employs a total of 130 automotive engineers to fulfil contracts with numerous manufacturers. A standard setter in the world of high tech, Ortec is involved in quality assurance, dependability, project management, statistics, reliability and ergonomics. Its specialised subsidiaries are: Sonovision, Ligeron and Ortec IT.