Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Engineering, construction, maintenance and dismantling: as a key actor in the engineering, industrial and environment sectors, the Ortec group is a partner of choice for chemical and pharmaceutical companies throughout the life cycle of their facilities.

Availability of facilities and site remediation

The pharmaceutical sector, which is the second largest market in the world and is driven primarily by China, is experiencing spectacular growth. Its turnover is expected to reach $1,500 billion by 2021. The chemical sector is also very dynamic; in 2015, it was the second biggest exporting sector in France, and achieved the fourth biggest trade surplus in industry. With an investment budget of €3 billion, it contributes considerably to industrial development.

Chemical and pharmaceutical companies are facing numerous challenges: due to growing demand, they must build new infrastructure to ensure the continued availability of industrial plant, while converting or remediating older facilities. The impact of their activities is also a key issue for them. They must strive to operate in an environmentally responsible manner, particularly by recovering their waste.

Ortec for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

From research through operation to dismantling, Ortec offers a wide-reaching and comprehensive range of services to actors in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors:

  • Studies and project management
  • Risk control, planning, coordination, supervision
  • Construction works
  • Maintenance
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Industrial unit shutdown operations
  • Site clean-up (including by natural methods, such as biopile treatment, thermal desorption and rhizodegradation)
  • Dismantling of installations
  • Waste recovery

Our strenghts


  • Expert knowledge of a wide range of activities: the group is able to address all issues with competitive solutions that fully meet the specifications and are guaranteed to comply with the most rigorous standards and regulations (ATEX, DASRI, SEVESO, etc.)
  • Expertise and recognised experience in planning and organising unit shutdowns
  • Expertise in the treatment of contaminated soil and water, using innovative remediation processes as part of factory dismantling projects