One, the digital real estate management solution

Based on feedback from the field, the Ortec group has developed a mobile electronic solution called One, which facilitates property management by enabling operations to be monitored and programmed in real time.

Improve efficiency
for greater
tenant satisfaction

Make sure that sanitation, waste management and property maintenance projects are carried out to the satisfaction and comfort of tenants, while saving time, optimising costs and reducing the environmental footprint of operations: thanks to One, Ortec is able to anticipate the needs of real estate managers and property owners’ associations, at a time when connected objects are revolutionising our daily lives.

One, a property management solution

One is a connected application that facilitates multi-site real estate management by enabling on-site operations to be programmed and monitored in real time. Job requests are entered via a simple user interface and transmitted directly to the field, where operators use their smartphones to provide information and photos of their work. The customer also has a record of all the work carried out.

The advantages of one

For real estate managers, One :

  • facilitates decision making through greater reactivity,
  • increases fluidity and optimises preventive maintenance operations,
  • guarantees that work is properly carried out, and improves relations by making sure that contracts are strictly adhered to.