Uncompromising standards worthy of the defence industry

The Ortec group has worked with the key actors in France’s defence industry for many years, drawing on the expertise of its weapons engineers to respond rigorously to the sector’s stringent requirements all over Europe.
The security context has changed substantially in the last few decades, be it in terms of the framework of international relations, which is moving towards multi-polarity, or the form that conflicts take, which is influenced by technological innovation and terrorism. New realities have emerged, along with a higher level of uncertainty that defence actors must adapt to. As a specialist in technical documentation for the aviation sector, an expert in working in sensitive environments and a top training provider, Ortec is a reliable partner when it comes to supporting defence industry projects both over the long term (R&D projects) and internationally, as part of technology transfer programmes.

Ortec for the
defence industry

The Ortec group provides defence actors with a comprehensive range of skills across several disciplines:

  • Document engineering: design and production of technical documentation
  • Project engineering: project management, system engineering, etc.
  • Linguistic engineering: specialised translations (presentations, plans, specifications, procedures, technical files), transcreation and localisation (software, online help, documentation, etc.)
  • Dependability studies, risk control
  • Electrical works and maintenance
  • Global waste management solutions
  • Dismantling of installations

Our strenghts


  • Know-how in high-tech applications and a high level of technical and operational expertise, in line with defence and armaments sector requirements
  • Subsidiaries with recognised expertise: Ligeron, Ower, Sonovision
  • Close proximity to customers: Nineteen sites in France, seven others in Germany, Romania, Canada, Spain, the USA, India and the UK
  • Defence Security Clearance



As a partner of the air, land and sea defence industry and an expert in electrical engineering for complex infrastructure projects, Ortec is involved in the Barracuda nuclear submarine programme.


The Scorpène is a French-built, conventionally powered defence submarine intended for the international market. In this type of project, technology transfer and the various studies associated with it are key differentiating factors. With this in mind, Ortec provided Naval Group with technical support and documentation, in addition to reliability, maintainability and availability studies.