Installation of equipment for the Barracuda nuclear submarine programme

As a partner of the air, land and sea defence industry and an expert in electrical engineering for complex infrastructure projects, Ortec is involved in the Barracuda nuclear submarine programme.

The Barracuda submarine in a nutshell

The Barracuda, a next-generation nuclear attack submarine designed by Naval Group (formerly known as DCNS), is set to replace Rubis-class submarines. Measuring 99 m in length and accommodating a crew of 60 people, it is intended to conduct maritime patrols and is fitted with a communication system enabling its integration into a naval force. Under the Barracuda programme, a total of six submarines will be delivered to the French submarine forces by 2028.

Ortec for the Barracuda submarine programme

As a specialist in high- and low-voltage electrical works for complex infrastructure projects, the Ortec group was involved in installing equipment in the Barracuda nuclear submarine docking area on the Toulon naval base. The working programme included the development of detailed planning and structural design studies.

Photo credit : Ministère de la Défense

Did you know?

The future Barracuda submarines will be called Suffren, Duguay-Trouin, Tourville, De Grasse, Casabianca and Rubis. They will be capable of deploying F21 torpedoes, upgraded Exocet SM39 anti-ship missiles and naval cruise missiles (SLCMs). Barracudas will be more manoeuvrable and will be fitted with the latest regenerative technology for absorbing CO2 and removing contaminants, originally developed for the international space station.



Sous-marin de défense français à propulsion conventionnelle, le Scorpène® est un produit destiné au marché international. Pour cette typologie de programmes, le transfert de technologie et les différentes études associées sont éléments différentiateurs de la concurrence. Dans ce cadre, en plus d’études de fiabilité, de maintenabilité et de disponibilité, les équipes d’Ortec ont fourni support et documentation technique à Naval Group.

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