Ortec group is a leader in the environmental services market and provides local authorities and administrations with a wide range of services to cover all their needs: support in the management of complex projects, equipment maintenance, cleaning and waste management.

A need for assistance in designing and managing
complex projects

Local authorities and administrations undertake large-scale, sometimes very costly projects involving stringent schedules and multiple operational partners. In addition to this complexity, they must meet strict social, economic and environmental commitments: correction of territorial disparities, improvement of public transport in urban areas, recovery of urban waste, etc.

Local authorities and administrations must rethink their space and the services they provide to residents, while delivering high-quality work, on time and on budget, that meets public expectations.

Ortec for local authorities
and administrations

Ortec provides local authorities with all-round support to meet these complex requirements: we understand your project and support you at every stage, from upstream preparation to development and downstream implementation.

Engineering :

  • Analysis of flows (passenger/pedestrian traffic, etc.), environmental impacts, human impacts
  • Calculations
  • Construction engineering

Works :

  • Manufacture of equipment: piping, metalwork, etc.
  • Assembly and lifting

Services :

  • Waste management: collection, transportation and recovery
  • Cleaning and hygiene
  • Sanitation: maintenance of water distribution infrastructure
  • Facilities management
  • Clean-up of land that has been excavated for development projects, etc.

Our strenghts


  • A wide range of tailor-made maintenance, cleaning and waste management services, delivered on a one-off basis or under a multi-service contract.
  • A single point of contact for your long-term, complex projects: he/she oversees and delivers a comprehensive range of services across several trades, and supports customers throughout the project life cycle, from design through development to delivery.
  • Innovative, high-performance equipment, designed and developed by the group to ensure ever more operational efficiency and quality. Our digitised electronic solutions, for example, optimise servicing and maintenance operations.
  • Nine branches and a network of six biocentres and treatment centres in France, specialising in the recovery of contaminated land; four industrial waste treatment and recovery centres; six collection and pre-treatment centres; one non-hazardous waste treatment and recovery centre.

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