Heavy Industries

Raw materials transformation, metalworks, chemical, paper industry… Ortec supports major players in heavy industry. The Group develops specifically a full range of services for mining industry.

The Ortec group offers a broad range of services for heavy industries:

  • New construction works
    • Installation of industrial equipment/structure
    • Manufacture and construction of tanks
    • CIL (Carbon In Leach), structure, mechanics and piping
    • Construction of fuel depots
    • Installation, assembly and adjustment of conveyors
    • Installation of stackers and coke dryers
    • Construction and testing of automatic loading stations
    • Construction of metal structures
    • Manufacture of feed hoppers
    • Installation of milling stations
    • Construction of dust purifiers
    • Construction of buildings (workshops, cloakrooms, etc.)
    • Piping/installation of water systems
    • Prefabrication of piping
    • Installation of electrical networks
  • Revamping
    • Improvement of capacity production
    • Optimisation of structures and tanks
  • Maintenance: Ortec draws on the technical expertise of its metalwork, welding and piping teams to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum. We design maintenance plans and supply spare parts.
  • Industrial cleaning of sites:
    • Degassing of tanks
    • Pumping, cleaning and degreasing of tanks and basins
    • Certified draining, cleaning and degassing of tanks and separators
    • Effluent and sludge pumping
    • High-pressure cleaning
  • Waste management (water and sludge treatment, clean-up)
    • Shutdown of units, dismantling, etc.

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