Reliability and competence for the metallurgy sector

Ortec has the key skills needed to support the transformation and development of the metallurgy sector – encompassing the iron and steel making, non-ferrous metals, metal products and nuclear industries – and to assist them in their new construction, revamping, shutdown and maintenance projects.

A need for support in key skill areas

Metallurgy is an innovation-oriented, high-technology sector that is undergoing profound changes requiring new skills. Manufacturers are struggling to maintain their expertise in areas such as surface treatment, smelting, production, additive manufacturing and maintenance. Initial training is inadequate, with more postgraduate courses than are actually needed. As a result, many companies are under pressure when it comes to recruiting the right people. Only 335 production and processing graduates enter the labour market each year, while the number of vacancies across all disciplines is expected to exceed 7,500 by 2020.

Metallurgy companies therefore have a strong need to increase their skills base, not only through continuing education but also by working with partners that will extend their capabilities and understand their business requirements. Now, these requirements are considerable: competitiveness, digitisation, safety (including nuclear safety encompassing everything from plant operation to waste processing), environmental management, etc. With 80% of ancient copper still around today, the forging and smelting industries are trailblazers in the responsible management of raw materials!

Ortec for the metallurgy industry

Metallurgy has a very broad scope, encompassing iron and steelmaking, smelting, non-ferrous metals, metal products and part of the nuclear industry. Ortec has expert skills in all these areas:

  • Project engineering for unit construction or extension projects
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Maintenance of rotating machinery
  • Unit shutdowns:
    • Estimation, preparation, planning
    • Works: mechanical engineering, piping, metalwork, lifting, assembly, machining
    • Preparation for technical inspections and testing
    • Commissioning support
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Unit dismantling
  • Waste management


  • Alteo : Ortec carries out routine maintenance and servicing operations for one of the world’s leading integrated producers of speciality aluminas. These operations involve a wide range of complementary activities, from preparation to mechanical engineering through piping, metalwork, cleaning, rail traction, operation of the bauxite unit and maintenance of rotating machinery, i.e. 350 pumps per year.
  • Ascometal : Ortec has cleaned up an old slag heap at the Ascometal plant in Allevard (38), where steel production residues were dumped. Our teams have been involved in every stage of the process, from the study phase to the implementation phase. Ortec has also designed and installed a storage unit for non-hazardous waste.

Our assets for the metal indutry

Ortec has a long and recognized experience in complex industrial projects and plant shutdowns. Thanks to rigorous anticipation of the work and perfect technical mastery, Ortec guarantees the quality of the work and the restart of the installations as soon as possible. Its subsidiary Orys is a specialist in maintenance in nuclear environments.

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