Locally-based partner for the mining industry

From initial design to dismantling of installations, the Ortec group provides mining companies with a wide range of services throughout the life cycle of their projects.

Mines: balancing growth with environmental impact

The mining industry, which is a lever for economic development in many countries, has been changing radically for several years. In an area where technological progress is driving performance upwards, companies must not only adapt to secure the long-term viability of their installations, but they must also increase their productivity in line with growing demand from highly industrialised countries and with new needs arising from the development of new technologies (electronics, batteries, etc.). At the same time, they must minimise their environmental footprint.

Ortec for the mining industry

The Ortec group provides mining companies with tailored solutions in all areas :

  • Infrastructure development: design, engineering
  • Construction of units, manufacture of structures: procurement, logistics, installation, commissioning
  • Revamping
  • Technical and environmental maintenance
  • Dismantling

What we offer the mining industry

As an industrial specialist with long-standing expertise in metalwork and piping, Ortec boasts a wide range of complementary know-how and skills, making it an unparalleled partner for the mining industry. The group has a strong international presence and has been operating in 14 African countries for over 30 years, leveraging its in-depth knowledge of their respective security, regulatory and cultural environments.



Since 2011, Canadian-based gold mining company Kinross has commissioned Ortec subsidiary Friedlander Mauritania to work on several construction projects at its open-pit gold mine in Tasiast, 300 km north of Nouakchott. The main objective is to build a pipeline to supply the site with water, which is essential to mine the ore.


Engineering firm Lycopodium Minerals has commissioned Friendlander to build and install the metal infrastructure for the Bouly gold mine in Burkina Faso, on behalf of Russian company Nordgold. The project – which aims to raise gold production to 120,000 ounces per year throughout the mine’s lifetime – involves 130 people.


Ortec’s International Contracting centre has helped to build and install a manganese processing plant in Gabon on behalf of Nouvelle Gabon Mining, a subsidiary of Indian company Coalsale.
The production unit, which has a capacity of 300,000 tonnes per year, should be supplemented by a second unit with a capacity of 2 million tonnes.



Steel, foundry, non-ferrous metals, metal products… but also nuclear: Ortec has the key competences to support the transformation and the development of the metallurgy industries, in their projects in new works, revamping, shutdowns

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