Ortec for the Oil & Gas industry

Ortec uses its 40-plus years of experience to support upstream and downstream oil and gas industries in onshore, offshore and subsea operations.

For more than 40 years, Ortec and its subsidiary Friedlander have supported major upstream and downstream customers in the oil and gas sectors, with a comprehensive range of onshore, offshore and subsea services:

  • studies and project management
  • preparation, prefabrication and manufacture of structures
  • transport and logistics
  • assembly, mechanical production
  • installation and commissioning
  • integrity testing and inspection
  • maintenance
  • shutdown operations

Our strenghts


We are a well-structured, responsive company with strong technical resources and a high production capacity, and provide our customers with supply solutions and logistics management services. Because we have our own production plants, we are able to supply large volumes of modules within a very short time frame: from simple piping structures to large, fully equipped facilities that meet the most stringent quality standards.


Exploration production

In the exploration and production space, Ortec provides oil companies with construction, renovation, servicing and maintenance, revamping and logistics services.


Thanks to its expertise across all areas of the oil storage sector, Ortec is the preferred partner of hydrocarbon storage operators in France and worldwide.


Refinery maintenance and modernisation projects account for almost three quarters of industrial investments in France. The refining industry can rely on Ortec’s expertise, and on its technical and human resources.

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