A whole range of expertise available to refineries

Refinery maintenance and modernisation projects account for almost three quarters of industrial investments in France. The refining industry can rely on Ortec’s expertise, and on its technical and human resources.

Ortec for refineries

Ortec, which is recognised throughout Europe and the world for its operational expertise, provides the refining and petrochemical industry with services to develop and maintain the availability, safety and service life of oil installations.

The group also offers downstream services, such as the industrial cleaning of refining infrastructure and heat exchangers, and the management of waste generated by the petrochemical sector (wood, paper, cardboard, soiled packaging, etc.).

Refinery shutdowns: long-standing, widely recognised expertise

In accordance with the regulations, chemical and oil companies regularly shut down their refineries for the purpose of cleaning pipes, conducting inspections and repairs, and carrying out metallurgical, piping, welding and electrical work. This requires substantial human and material resources, which must be capable of completing the work within a very short time frame and in maximum safety conditions. Ortec provides all of these services from planning to project management, risk control, coordination and supervision.


Ortec’s teams work on various oil refining sites across France. They regularly receive awards from their customers in recognition of their outstanding safety performance on site: Safety Award from Total Normandie Gonfreville-l’Orcher, Operational Excellence Award from Total Donges, Bronze Tiger Award from ExxonMobil Port-Jérome-Gravenchon, etc.



In the exploration and production space, Ortec provides oil companies with construction, renovation, servicing and maintenance, revamping and logistics services.


Thanks to its expertise across all areas of the oil storage sector, Ortec is the preferred partner of hydrocarbon storage operators in France and worldwide.

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