Bingo Extension

Increased hydrocarbon storage capacity at Sonabhy’s Bingo site

Burkina Faso is neither a hydrocarbon producer nor a refiner and is located inland, 620 miles (1,000 km) from the coast. In order to have available stock adapted to the country’s needs and the strategic autonomy of 3 months, the government, via Sonabhy, decided to launch a project to extend the country’s storage and distribution capacities.

The project

The “Bingo Extension” project addresses the willingness of Sonabhy (Société nationale burkinabè d’hydrocarbures) to double depot storage capacities and modernize facilities. These new requirements stem from the growing demographic in Burkina Faso (a population of 15 million in 2010 vs. 21 million today) effectively leading to an increase in energy consumption.

The company’s objective is to secure the country’s supply and to anticipate its needs.

The liquid and gas hydrocarbon depot covers 11,000 m² in Bingo, a village located in the department of Tanghin-Dassouri, approximately nineteen miles (thirty kilometers) from Ouagadougou, in the west central region of Burkina Faso. Hydrocarbons are transported to the site by truck or train before being distributed to meet the country’s daily needs.

These facilities, which initially had a storage capacity of 40,000 m³, will be expanded to a capacity of 100,000 m³.


A local stakeholder specializing in EPC projects

Globally renowned for its management of major projects, the Ortec Group has become a reference for storage Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) projects.

EPC diagram - Bingo Extension - ORTEC

In West Africa, the Group’s historical presence and its local culture make it a key player. In the past, Ortec, via its EERI BF subsidiary, undertook the construction of a 8,000 m³ LPG storage sphere, the largest in West Africa. Over the past ten years, the Group has also carried out several large-scale projects for Sonabhy.

On this type of project, Ortec brings together unique and complementary skills, from the design phase, through assembly to commissioning. The Group offers turnkey solutions which meet the quality and safety requirements.

Expertise and innovative technical solutions

For a successful project

At the heart of the “Bingo Extension” project is the construction and commissioning of two new large tanks.

Specializing in metalwork trades (boiler making, welding, piping, assembly, etc.), EERI BF has gradually diversified its range of services and upgraded the skills of its staff to offer comprehensive support for these major projects.

In addition to the two tanks, the project also involves the construction of truck unloading stations (design, supply, assembly) and the installation of pumping systems (design, supplies, assembly) with the relocation of the old shipping pumps.

Up to 300 people were mobilized simultaneously on this 20 months project. The rigor of the phases, the precision of the operations and the synchronization of the teams on site were a major challenge.

Key figures

  • 30,000 m³ in volume
  • 46 m in diameter
  • 20 m high
  • 600 metric tons of steel


Because a project’s success is built right from the design phase, the Ortec Group relies on the expertise of engineers and technicians who combine knowledge of industrial sectors, field experience, attention to detail and innovative technical solutions.

Working on the “Bingo Extension” project, the EERI BF teams were able to call on specialist teams from the Ortec Group’s head office, as well as a local engineering partner.

During this phase, several digital solutions were deployed to optimize surveying, modeling and monitoring:

3D Scanner

A 3D scanner was used to model the existing infrastructure using precise measurements, with a view to manufacturing custom parts.

O.P.M. (Ortec Project Management)

O.P.M. is a software application developed in-house by the Ortec teams. Designed to optimize production management on complex industrial projects, this tool ensures complete traceability of engineering, procurement, manufacturing and installation.

Its database provides a complete overview of the project, recording all the necessary documentation for its completion and managing material distribution.

Ortec Piping Management


  • Tracking of material orders, deliveries and material certificate management
  • Integration of reports (visual, NDT, hydro-tests…)
  • Isometric material assignment


  • OPM can manage up to 10 prefabrication phases (cutting, welding, NDT…) and 10 assembly phases (cladding, assembly, NDT, painting…). Phases adapt to the project.
  • Progress management based on defined phases with dates


  • Document management: tracking document revision indexes
  • Daily monitoring of welding production with verification of Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) and Welder Qualifications.
  • NDT programs automatically established based on the project
  • The final manufacturing file generated by OPM

Civil engineering, roads & utilities network and structural work

Prior to the construction and assembly phase of the tanks, ERRI BF carried out large-scale civil engineering, roadworks, structural work and other network services to prepare and organize the site: foundations (gutters, shafts, walls, retention basins, tank slabs, etc.)

Key figures

  • 7,000 m² of concrete earthworks
  • 17,700 m² of backfill
  • 12,000 m² of roads
  • 1,000 m of ditches
  • 960 m of fencing
  • 150 metric tons of structural framework

Storage tanks assembly

Each of the two storage tanks built has a holding capacity of 30,000 m³, is 46 m in diameter, 20 m high and 600 metric tons of steel.

One of these containers is intended to store diesel fuel, the other unleaded gasoline.
One of the challenges of the project was to ensure that the teams had the operational capacity to handle the larger-than-usual structures. As a result, “Bingo Extension” required specific technical resources.
Two innovations were deployed by the Storage department :

Robotized / automated welding

Two mechanical welding processes were developed, using a mono-guided rail trolley attached to the tanks:

  • 114 welding (self-shielded tubular-cored arc) in upward vertical position
  • 121 welding (arc submerged in granular flux) in horizontal edge position

The automation of welding operations has improved operator safety, quality and productivity. In fact, welders no longer carry out manual operations or work at height. They control the trolleys and are less exposed to light projections. The mechanization also guarantees constant regularity of the welds and, as a result, significant time saving compared to manual welding.

Prior to their implementation, these methods were thoroughly tested and checked in order to configure the operating procedures.


The tanks are assembled using jacks, starting with the roof and then the various successive floors. This technique, now used on other sites, has the advantage of allowing employees to work on the ground and thus avoid the risks associated with operations at height.


As a specialist in new metallurgical works, EERI BF supplied, manufactured and installed all the hydrocarbon and fire protection networks. They performed welding on 25,000 inches (10,000 on site) of steel piping (Ø 0.5 to 16 inches).

In total, 6 metric tons of supports were installed (13 fuel pumps of 120 m³/h, 17 metering skids, 6 loading arms with hoses, taps, valves and accessories).

Electricity, instrumentation and automation

EERI BF’s willingness to extend its range of services beyond its traditional activities, enabled it to position itself in the field of design, supply and installation of electrical systems in order to power and control pumping and filling equipment, loading docks and buildings:

  • Electrical boards / electrical cabinets
  • Lighting / alarms / video / automatons / PC / software
  • Cables / cable trays
  • Lightning conductors / transformers / instrumentation
  • Weighbridge

Coating and paintwork

EERI BF also carried out coating operations (scaffolding, sandblasting) and paintwork.

This entire project demonstrates the pragmatic innovation capabilities of the Ortec Group and its subsidiaries. The new processes deployed are part of an ongoing quest for innovative methods that take into consideration the customer’s objectives in terms of reducing lead times, improving productivity, optimizing costs and, above all, safety conditions.

Significant production capacity at facilities nearby

With onshore and offshore construction, the proximity of manufacturing sites is an asset. In order to offer its customers and partners the production capacity required for major energy projects, as well as suitable infrastructure and equipment, the Ortec Group has chosen to establish its manufacturing workshops close to production sites.

Hence, a part of the works (mainly frames and metalwork) were prefabricated in the EERI BF’s workshops (in Bobo Dioulasso and Ouagadougou) equipped with the appropriate tools (roll bending machine / folding machine / band saws, lathe, etc.).

During assembly, the entire vehicle fleet and all the machines (generators, compressors, etc.) were provided by EERI BF; the earthworks were outsourced.
Investments were made in welding equipment for the purposes of the project.

Local commitment and development of skills

For more than 50 years, the Ortec Group (via its Friedlander subsidiary) has been present on the African continent. The group has always sought to understand the culture, to adapt to the countries in which it operates and to rely on companies and employees who are locally present, in order to be in tune with the economic and social realities on the ground. This has been put into practice throughout the world, through cooperation with local partners and the development of employees’ skills.

In order to structure these approaches, duplicate virtuous practices and take into consideration the expectations and requirements of the respective countries in terms of priority employment of employees with local contracts or local structures retaining majority shares in the company, the Ortec Group has implemented a policy known as “Local Content”.

Development of skills

The aim of the Ortec Group is to develop the skills of its employees through specific recruitment, career management and training tools. Proximity to the branches is a major asset. The Ortec Group implements a policy of Forward-looking Employment and Skills Management (GPEC in French) in order to better structure its branches, draw up job descriptions, establish standard skills and carry out assessments with a view to identifying potential for career development and technical evaluations in conjunction with O’Métier (internal skills development program).

Together, these elements foster a relationship of trust with local partners. For the “Bingo Extension” project, 99% of the teams were made up of local employees. This high level of local recruitment is largely due to the local presence of the required skills. The teams received training to adapt to the project’s needs, particularly in terms of new elements (welding, assembly).

Ultimately, the internal expertise of teams proves to be a great asset and an added value.

Safety at the heart of all our projects

Safety is one of the Ortec Group’s fundamental values.

Our ambition is continuous improvement in the name of human safety and day-to-day site security. The renewal of the OHSAS 18001 certification, and its evolution towards the ISO standard, are concrete illustrations of the Group’s commitment to a 0-accident objective.

On the “Bingo Extension” project, EERI BF is providing its employees with the means to work safely, via:

  • professional culture that integrates safety
  • support from technical experts
  • sharing experience feedback
  • training and mentoring
  • supply of suitable equipment

Professional innovation also plays a part in meeting safety challenges. As mentioned above, mechanized welding and jack assembly methods have distanced employees from major risk situations (working at height, exposure to smoke and arc light, etc.).

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