27/09/2018 -

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A responsible development strategy.

Solidarity, ethics, efficiency and innovation are far more than just words. They are the values that the Ortec group and its employees live by every day. We pursue continuous improvement to meet social, societal and environmental challenges.

1/ The social aspect

Security is an inextricable part of ethical and responsible management, and is the Ortec group’s number one priority. The motto “Life First” is embodied in measures to ensure the safety and physical integrity of employees and service providers. These measures, such as more frequent visits to each work site, a weekly safety committee, a range of preventive training courses and the ongoing evaluation of new recruits and temporary staff have reduced the number of accidents by 20% over the last five years. The ultimate goal is to reduce the number of accidents to less than 15 across the group’s entire 11,800-strong workforce in 2019.

Recruitment is also a priority. An ambitious recruitment policy is being implemented with the aim of filling 3,500 vacancies by 2020. The main components of the policy are incentive compensation, career management support and an innovative recruitment process (dedicated after-work events, exhibitions, forums, etc.).

Once the target has been achieved, talent retention will be a priority for the Ortec group. Securing the loyalty of employees means, above all, enabling them to flourish and giving them the opportunity to progress and grow, both financially and personally.

To this end, a dual internal training system has been put in place, comprising: ÉLÉE, the in-house training centre, and O’Métier, the organisation responsible for developing technical skills.
The results are striking: €11 million invested in training a total 79.6% of employees each year (compared with a national average of 5.1%)!

This has created a relationship of trust between employees, social partners and general management, which is reflected in high-quality social dialogue. The 11 wage agreements signed in 2017 are a perfect illustration of this ongoing cooperation.

2/ The environmental aspect

As a major player in the environmental services sector, the Ortec group must set the example in terms of regulatory compliance and the environmental impact of its business.

Legislative oversight is performed by a dedicated “regulatory and environmental monitoring” unit and the internal application “GEODE”, to ensure strict compliance with the rules in force.
In addition to these measures, the equipment fleet is regularly renewed and new equipment is created by the technical innovation department. As a result, in 2017, there were:

No serious pollution-related accidents involving the liability of Ortec; no accidental spillages on the road, and no formal notices across the group’s 26 ICPEs (classified facilities for the protection of the environment).

Another challenge is to support customers in implementing responsible waste management practices and, even better, adopting specialised techniques to convert waste to energy.

The various actions implemented have resulted in 36 “clean plant” contracts in France, the treatment of 367,000 tonnes of waste by facilities in France, and many other significant outcomes with a positive impact on the environment.

3/ Societal impact

Given its global presence and its extensive scope, the Ortec group has chosen to adopt a strong and universal business ethic.

This translates into strict compliance with social legislation and an extremely high-quality supplier management system. Having opted to focus on quality rather than quantity, and on long-term relationships built on trust, the Ortec group reduced its supplier base by 6,000 between 2016 and 2017. Also, as a result of this decision, some countries have been excluded from Ortec’s potential scope of action. A vigilance plan will improve the selection of future suppliers.

The Ortec “Code of Conduct”, which is already available, introduces a set of measures to be applied in order to effectively tackle corruption, money laundering and fraud.

See the full statement of non-financial performance here

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