Future Engineers Recruitment Forum, ENSAM (National School of Arts and Crafts)

30/01/2018 - Events
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Future Engineers Recruitment Forum, ENSAM (National School of Arts and Crafts)

Organised in the form of meetings between students and companies, the “Future Engineers” forum is an essential event for future Arts and Crafts graduates. Sitting at the desks of the ENSAM National School of Arts and Crafts in Aix-en-Provence today, these students will be facing the challenges of some of the country’s finest projects and working for industrial players tomorrow. Having attracted particular interest from the Arts and Crafts students, the Ortec Group was invited to take part in the event’s 10th year. Meeting the Ortec Group with its operations staff, recruitment managers and former Arts & Crafts graduates, gives the students from the first and second years at ENSAM the opportunity to take practical steps towards their future careers. Visit the ENSAM campus in Aix-en-Provence on Thursday 15 February 2018 for the latest Future Engineers forum.

The future of engineers according to Ortec or “a future for every engineer”
In addition to the wealth of its business lines and sectors of work, the Ortec Group’s specificity is to involve each of its employees in a customised and unique career path. Objective: to enable each individual to fully express their talents by adapting their tasks, objectives and areas of work in line with their aspirations and the skills in which they excel. In other words, at Ortec, it is the jobs that are adapted to the person and not the other way round. As soon as they join the company, each employee is invited to go on a unique adventure, with responsibilities, autonomy, and a tailor-made training plan.

To integrate young engineers who aim to become managers, Ortec goes even further by offering them a three-year induction programme. Addressed at young graduates with zero to three years’ experience, the new employees go on a veritable road trip, starting out in the field, taking part in numerous business training courses and acquiring a global vision of the Group along the way until they take on responsibility as a manager.

On the occasion of the 10th Future Engineers Forum in which the Ortec Group participates enthusiastically each year, arousing new passions among ENSAM students for its projects in aeronautics, industry, energy, chemistry or transport, the recruitment and operational managers will present the Group’s lines of business, sectors of intervention, values and career plans to young students.

The testimonies of art and crafts graduates employed at Ortec When planning your future, there’s nothing more concrete than the testimonies of older students that have gone before you. Testimonies of art and crafts graduates who left ENSAM’s benches a few years ago, and are now thriving within the Ortec Group and its specialised divisions, and are deeply involved in the projects, and in meeting the challenges and needs of its customers.

On this occasion, three young employees with different profiles tell their career stories within the Group. In particular, the students of ENSAM National School of Arts and Crafts of Aix en Provence will be able to meet and talk to the Shutdown Sector Manager of the Ortec Industrie branch in Port-de-Bouc, the Aix-en-Provence SOM Sector Manager and a project manager from the SOM Méditerranée team.

While the aim of this day, which focuses on meeting and sharing, is to give young engineering students from the first and second years of ENSAM a more concrete vision of their future, it also presents a practical opportunity to gain a work placement at one of the Group’s business units: Engineering, Contracting or Global

Services. Your first assignment with the environment, maintenance, study or calculations teams will open up all sorts of possibilities for entering the world of work…

To explore further, please feel free to find out about all the work placement and employment opportunities offered by the Ortec Group by visiting the Careers and Engineering Careers page.

Do you have any questions that you’d like to ask before meeting us?
Contact us to ask us your questions on +33 (0)4 42 12 13 46 or by email at: recrutement.assistant@ortec.fr

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ENSAM Future Engineers Forum – practical info: ENSAM campus
Thursday 15 February 2018
2 cours des Arts et Métiers
Aix-en-Provence, France
reserved for students of the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers (National School of Arts and Crafts of Aix en Provence)

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